Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Morning Harvest

It is a little early for harvesting anything here.  In fact it is too early to be planting anything until the end of the month.  However I am trying a new experiment this year.  Am growing some vegetables in window boxes in the greenhouse.
Beets and carrots.  Not sure why the carrots didn't germinate well
These onions are to eventually go in the onion bed but did not do well at all this year.  Last year they were great.
Second planting of beets and carrots.  The carrot germination was much better

Radishes and leaf lettuce.  Two different varieties of lettuce.  The second on is just germinating but not well.  All was from old seed I had sitting around so that could have contributed to the poor germination.

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  1. Those look like happy seedlings!

  2. That greenhouse is a plant saver for you with your weather. Won't be long before things will go in the ground.

  3. Marcia I am afraid it will be at least the end of this month before anything can go in the ground. I was out checking the harvest posts for today and they are sure way out of my league at this time of year. I didn't see anyone in Zone 4 like I am. Gardening is a real challenge here.

  4. Well, whatdyaknow?! Here you are!
    I can't wait to share your blog with a friend of mine from zone 3. She's always trying to get a harvest, too.