Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Harvest for Wednesday

I have spent a lot of the day working in the vegetable garden getting it ready to till.  Cut out a lot of briers along the fence line and harvested my most prolific crop of the year and every year.  Wanted to save these for Monday Harvest and weigh them in but decided Daphane might not appreciate my humor.

 Two load isn't bad.  This is my winter crop of rocks.  Others grow spinach and the such but I grow rocks.  I still have 3 large ones that would take 2 men and a boy to lift.  They will have to be rolled out of the garden before I till it.  It is only about 30' to the gate so that is for another day.


  1. Very funny and maybe you should link to Daphne next Monday.

    Where are you dumping the rocks? In the fairy garden?

  2. Yep in the fairy garden. The smaller ones will go for the dry creek bed and the bigger ones will be used as walls to build the raised beds. I am tired of rock for this day however.

  3. Yay I can finally comment on your blog again. I was so hating bloggers mess up.

    And yes just love the harvest. I used to harvest rocks every year from my last garden. The frost really brings them up every year. I wonder how long it will take in my new garden.