Monday, May 2, 2011

The greenhouse is full

Spent most of the day in the greenhouse transplanting today.  I now declare the 6X8 greenhouse full and bulging at seams.

312 six packs, 65 2 1/2" individual pots and 33 flats still waiting to be transplanted.


  1. My goodness!!! All of that will definitely keep you busy! I think that the toughest time of the season is tending to all the seedlings....but, then there is canning season!

  2. The second one will be full by the end of today when I do more transplanting. Problem is everything is late as I had a freeze up and lost about half of what was in this one and had to start over. I do hope to sell some of the plants.

    I know about the canning. I have quite a bit left this year however so probably won't do as much so will be giving vegetables away this fall but just can't stop planting in fact trying to figure out how to get more in the garden this year.

  3. Wilderness, I am very impressed!