Thursday, May 12, 2011

Potatoes are planted.

Got the hay yesterday and got the potatoes planted.  It is a mix of Kenabecs and a red.


  1. I like reading your blog and seeing what is going on in your garden. I planted 50 lbs of potatoes last year and the deer didn't touch them. The plants are actually poisonous to all living creatures- like any plant in the Solanaceae family (tomatoes, eggplant, deadly nightshade- which all parts are poisonous on). They much preferred my green beans and corn- which were mowed off to a nice 4" canopy of plants... little buggers. How deep did you plant the potatoes? We normally do ours in trenches about 5" deep. I was checking out your profile. Do you have a link to your portable greenhouses? I really want to get some type of greenhouse structure next year for starting my seedlings, I am sick of messing around inside- the plants don't thrive like they do outside/in greenhouse. What state are you in?

  2. Kacee, unfortunately when there was trouble on this site the comments were lost so hope this is the posting you had responded to. I am not sure which blog is ours.

    I am doing an experiment with the potatoes this year. They are planted just in hay. I put about 3" over them to start with and as they grow I will add more hay. I would say normally when I do them in the garden I plant them 5-6" deep and then hill the dirt up around them as they grow. I only do about 30 hills. I don't have room for more than that. I have had the deer eat the blossoms off the potatoes.

    My greenhouses are pop ups. They are made by Flowerhouse. You can find many places that sell them by googling Flowerhouse greenhouses. I have the flower house and the spring house. I also have a 6x8 that is made by Juliann.

    I live in northern NY in zone 4. I only put them up around April 1st as it would be expensive to heat them any longer than that. I still start everything inside under lights before the greenhouses go up.