Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Day

Had a busy day yesterday.  Did a lot of potting of perennials.  Had an hour rain delay but the rest of the time was in the greenhouse.
These Alaskan Shasta daisies were some that self seeded last spring.

Lily of the Valley that I dug a year ago and have just been sitting in a clump next to my garage.

This clump of hosta have been sitting beside my garage for 4 years.  Decided I should plant them up.
Had a few roots left of the Lily of the Valley that I didn't pot.  Have this gravel area behind my shed that is basically useless so got some old potting soil from the pile where I empty planters and threw the roots in.  They will grow and multiply for my crop for next year.
Some of the hosta from the first clump plus some I dug last spring that was sitting on the other side of my garage.

Patio Tomatoes

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