Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Bloom Day

I guess I am a day late but am just learning all this fun of blogging.  Being in zone 4 not much is happening this year in May.  Have had tons of rain and very cool temps but do have a few things.  Hope you enjoy.

Be sure to visit  May Dreams Gardens 
to see what else is no bloom for May


  1. You're not a day late. The 15th of the month is Bloom Day. You were right on time. How nice to see the daffodils. I feel like mine came and went too fast. That's the beauty of this Bloom Day you can look back on what you've had bloom already from folks like you who are behind me and look ahead to what's to come with folks farther south who are ahead.

    Your rocks are so beautiful. Nicely rounded. Hmm .. wonder if I could find some at Emily's?

  2. Marcia you like round rocks and would die for some flat ones. Those rocks are all off the property where we had to excavate to build.

    How many rocks can you fit in your car in September? I can have a whole pile for you. LOL

  3. Very interesting to see the differences in zones. I'm up on the high end of the zones and my daffodils were doing their thing a few months ago. Whenever they bloom, it's a sure sign of spring about to follow. Enjoy watching your season unfold!

  4. James, our zones certainly are different. I take it you are near San Diego. Visited there many years ago. I found it quite interesting that one of the links on your blog is The George Eastman House. I spent almost a year living in Rochester, NY when I was going to school and lived very close to the house. It is a place to visit.

    BTW I have not figured out how it is possible to be a follower on the Press sites. Any suggestions?