Monday, May 30, 2011

Harvest Monday 5/30/11

Still nothing planted in the garden so am stretching to say that I have harvested anything but every little bit counts.
 That little 1/2 pint of horseradish was just a teaser last week so went to my sister-in-laws and dug more.  Since I gave it to her in the first place I guess I still have partial ownership.
 Coarse ground and ready for the blender
 At last with a few tears 2 more pints.  Now where can I scrounge more roots?
Second picking of the rhubarb. 4.75 pounds.  Gave it away.
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  1. You harvested the two things that I need to get in my garden. There is nothing better then fresh ground horseradish!

  2. I ditto what Robin said! I need Rhubarb in my garden and horseradish!!!

  3. They are the two crops that a farm garden around here would not be without when I was growing up. They give so much and ask very little in return for care. I hope to get the horseradish established in my garden this year. The rhubarb I went to my old house and dug it up out of the yard where it had been growing for many years unattended and it really produced this year for it being its second year growing here. I didn't pick any last year.

  4. Oh, how funny! We, too, have been wanting to get horseradish and rhubarb established in our garden! I make a really good duck thing in the winter that absolutely HAS to have horseradish in it.

  5. Those are nice horseradish roots and you transformed it into some good looking horseradish sauce. I have not planted any because a very little bit goes a long ways here and I know I would end up overwhelmed by it. I just need find someone locally who grows it and negotiate a barter swap.

  6. I keep thinking I need horseradish. Someday I'll have to make a spot for it, but at least the rhubarb got in this year.

  7. Wow, horseradish! We love it and have a large container planted, but it doesn't produce all that well for us. We're thinking about permanently putting it in one of our boxes this year, but we hesitate a little because it's apparently very invasive (we don't want it to take over an entire box...).

  8. I'm planting horseradish and rhubarb this year too! Love fresh horseradish. My nose still tingles with the memory of grinding it in years past!