Friday, April 29, 2011

Area Flooding

 This is Paradox Lake which is a quarter of a mile from here I used to live.  The Lake is just east of my old house where DS lives now.

This boat house has living quarters over it.  The water is normally at least 8' below the opening you can see for the boats.

This is three lots west of my old house and is normally a field.  The Outlet to the Lake is just to the back of the field and the next few pictures will show the property next to this field to the river.

These last 3 pictures are the Camp Site between the field and the River.
This is across the road from the other burned out barn

This is the River itself.  Where you see the equipment across the river is part of the river now as well as a field beyond there.  That parking lot is about 8' above the normal height of the river.  In the summer you can walk across this river here and not get your knees wet.

These next pictures are of Schroon Lake which is right in town.

Boat house on the Island out from the town boat launch.  Yes a boat can usually fit underneath there in fact a paddle wheel boat goes in there in the summer.

This is our down dock and boat slips.  At least somewhere under there.

This was the Boat Launch and the Boathouse Theater.  There is a retaining wall at least 4' high on the left side of the building.

This should be the town beach

This is a little further south of the village.  That is a gas pump there and there is a dock somewhere the next picture is the waiting platform and you can see the stairs leading down to this dock.

There is a beach here and I think this wharf is about 6' above the water in the summer.


  1. That's a lot of water where it shouldn't be. I hope it goes down just as rapidly.

  2. Just came from Town and the sign that says Tn of Schroon is now totally under water and the benches by the boathouse theater can barely be seen.

  3. Goodness! Is the result of the Mega Storm that hit the SE?