Monday, September 3, 2012

Harvest Monday 09/03/12

Good morning Harvest Monday Friends.  Blogger is still not working correctly but have found a work around so I can post.

September is upon us much too quickly.  This is the month when my garden finally kicks into high gear and me along with it hoping to beat the first frost of fall.

 More dill for pickles.  Weighed but forgot to right down.
 Worley heirloom 1# 1 oz
Green beans 1# 6 oz
 3# 8 oz
 Paste Italian tomato 3 1/4 oz
 Finally got the rest of the onions cleaned and stored.  Alisa Craig 4# 1 oz
 Stuttgarter 4# 6 3/4 oz for a total in onions counting the sets that are already stored 18 1/2 pounds
 Shelling beans 5# 6 oz.  These will be canned fresh.
 Zucchini #2 10 oz.
 3# 1 1/2 oz.  had others with no photo 3# 2 oz.
This acorn squash didn't get photoed until it made it to the table.  1 # 5 0z.  There was one other one picked that was also camera shy 1# 9 oz,
This is suppose to be an heirloom Jersey Giant paste tomato that is plum shaped.  When I bought the seed 2 years ago some of the plants gave me different shaped tomatoes but I only kept the plum shaped ones.  Last year only got a few and the were all plum shaped.  This year I have every shape possible.  Have no idea what is going on but this bad boy weighed in at 14 3/4 oz.
Pulled a few carrots 1# 6 oz.

Also cut a large bunch of celery but gave it away before I got home from the plots.  It weighed at least as much as the one last week.

Please visit our host, Daphne's Dandelions, and see what others have been harvesting this week.


  1. That's a great harvest for the week! Those beans and those onions look divine! I am hoping for some beans and onions in the fall.

  2. I see what you mean about your harvests kicking into high gear. That will keep you busy for sure.

    On our vacation we enjoyed peaches from one farm stand not to far from Fair Haven. We planned to go back and stock up for more but the sign was gone and when Emily & Matt ventured past the stand on Saturday there were no more peaches. They did buy some apples and the woman at that stand said the spring frosts ruined the peach harvest. Dan & I bought some peaches that were to be locally grow at another stand on Saturday but they were not as sweet nor did they peel as easily as the first batch. We did enjoy corn on the cob a couple of nights. Emily & I both brought lots of tomatoes so we didn't have to buy those locally.

  3. Your garden really is kicking into high gear! You're going to be a busy bee! I just love your 4 legged carrot!

  4. Gorgeous basket of shelling beans, such beautiful color.

  5. You have a great and wonderful harvest this week! sounds like your tomatoes have crossed. But I would just keep saving seed from the best ones I liked if it was me. Boy a tomato that's almost a pound by itself! Very cool

  6. Great looking harvest this week. Love that HUGE tomato!!

  7. Your onions look wonderful! What a great week you've had!

  8. Beautiful harvest, love the colorful red beans.

  9. Beautiful harvests. I've been picking dill too. But mine is ripe seed and goes right into a paper bag. When I'm done I'll deal with it all.

  10. I'm loving your multi legged carrot. Someone with better eyesight than mine might be able to work out the weight of the dill from the picture of it on the scale...

  11. CC thanks. I wish I had more onions. There will be more space for them next year.

    Marcia, you were almost in the heart of peach county in New York. They have great peaches usually but this year the weather hasn't cooperated with anyone. I understand that our apple blossoms got hit in this area. WE are big apple country and I am hoping to get some a little later.

    Robin a lot of my carrots seem to have more than one leg. I hate peeling the darn things.

    Norma the beans are pretty when you shell them but when they are canned they seem to turn a tan color.

    Mary, I am not sure what is with that tomato. They really shouldn't cross as they pollinate themselves before they ever open. I picked on this week from the same variety that was plum shaped and there were more or less round ones on the same plant. I am saving seed from both shapes and will plant both next year and see what happens.

    Mrs. P thanks

    Thanks SA, I have a lot more coming that are going to be large this year. Seems larger and fewer but that is OK.

    Bee Girl thanks, just hope it continues this way for a few weeks and the frost stays away but we are headed for nightly 40's degree weather the end of this week.

    Thanks Jenny, just wish they would stay red and white when they are canned.

    Daphne, I just leaves some dill in the garden and it self plants and I don't really use the dried seed for much.

    Liz, since you like multi legged carrots you can come peel all the ones I have for me. I tried reading the picture also. I think it was around 2 oz.