Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday's Harvest 09/10/12

Good Monday morning with chilly weather at only 47 degrees so the garden is shivering a bit this morning and yesterday morning.  Despite the cooler fall weather the rain and sun seem to still take their turns at bathing my plants and hopefully encouraging them to fulfill their duties and get ready for harvest.  It seems to be slow go but actually the pace is nice to keep things preserved and put away for winter.

 This was a delicious that the critters beat me too.  It was 11 oz.
 Worley 1#7 3/4 oz.  largest 13 1/8 oz.
 Patio 2# 10 3/4 oz.
 Delicious 11# 5 5/8 oz
 Patio 2# 5 7/8 oz
 Italian Paste I call DI 1# 7 5/8 oz.
 Unknows 11 5/8 oz
 Jersey Giants 9 1/8 oz
 Paprika Peppers the end 9 1/8 oz.
Cannelloni beans 2# 5 5/8 oz.
Green peppers the end 1# 12 3/8 oz.

I will have to continue to pick my tomatoes before they ripen or at least the lowest ones as the critters seem to be very hungry this year.

I have been picking side shoots of broccoli but no pictures and not even sure if I weighed them all.

Be sure to visit,Daphne's Dandelions   and see what others are harvesting now.


  1. Are the critters hungry or thirsty? Is there a drought condition there? If so, it may be that they eat these veggies to get their water. I have heard that if birds eat your tomatoes, you should make sure their water is full in the bird bath. (I don't have any suggestions for the other animals.) It worked for me last year. When I kept their bird bath full, they left my tomatoes alone.

  2. Beautiful tomatoes! (In spite of the critters!)

  3. What an amazing tomato harvest! Really awesome!

  4. Such a beautiful variety of tomatoes! And i'll have to plant paprika next year as we relly use a lot of it during the year.

  5. You sure had a great harvest week. look at all those delicious tomatoes, peppers and beans. Past 2 nights have been cold here too.

  6. Wow! Your garden is doing well for you! I hope the weather holds out for awhile and gives you a lot more!

  7. I forget to weigh things way too many times. Luckily it is usually the smaller harvests when I just go out and grab something for dinner. Beautiful harvests.

  8. Christy, we have had plenty of rain here plus there are 3 water features on the property so they have plenty of water. Chipmunks just love to take bits out of tomatoes and cucumbers. I live in the middle of the wilderness 5 miles up what be considered a mountain to those that live on flat land but only a hill to us. Lots of critters in the yard.

    Thanks Susan

    Mary that is only a very few of the tomatoes that are still green in the garden.

    Jenny this was my first time with the Paprika peppers. I smoked some and then dried them and the turned out quite good.

    Norma thanks. We are on a warm streak right now but that will change after tomorrow and back into the low 40's at night.

    Thanks Mrs. P.

    Robin, we have been close to 80 yesterday and suppose to be today and tomorrow then back to normal September temperatures.

    Thanks Daphne. I think they call it CRS.