Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday's Harvest 9/24/12

We are now having temperatures in the 30's at night and highs in the low 60's during the day so the garden is winding down fast.  I caved into the critters this week and picked all of the tomatoes that I thought might have a change to ripen in the house.  There are small ones left so won't pull the plants until frost gets them or the critters finish eating the tomatoes.

 Italian Paste
 Jersey Giants

Total of 32 3/4 pounds.

The last of the carrots 7# 14 oz.
 Some of the potatoes that the vines had died including 2 red volunteers.  The rest are russets.  Many a little smaller than I had hoped Total 15#
 Celery 1 3/4 #
 Another shot showing the size of the ribs

Cannelloni beans for seed 3 3/4 #
The last of the cucumbers. 5 1/4 #

Have now gathered all the seed for next years tomatoes and bell peppers.  Did save seed from the cucumbers but not sure if they got ripe enough.

Don't forget to visit our host,Daphne's Dandelions and see what others are harvesting this week.


  1. WOW! Those carrots and celery are so impressively giant!! What's your secret?

  2. Wow, those carrotts! Lovely - and the celery! Mmm... One of the best I´ve ever seen I think! Wonder if You have as much rain and cold as we did here in Sweden this summer due to the tomatoes lack of colour? But the cucumbers look nice! I think I got the hang of Your temperature - in Celsius I think it meens between -1,1 (0 is freezingpoint) and up to 15 degrees? Got the converter for weight and mass installed in my blog if You want to take a look and have the time? Have a nice week! :) Mia

  3. I hope all those tomatoes ripen for you. I still have to go out and pick my celery. I was going to do it today and freeze it but it never happened.

  4. Your celery is beautiful and look so tender. You had a great harvest, I too hope your tomatoes ripen, those darn critters.

  5. Nice harvest, beautiful celery, I couldn't grow it here, it's too hot.

  6. WoW! that's alot of green tomatoes. love the celery too.

  7. That is definitely a lot of green tomatoes! I do hope they all ripen up for you! Crazy how quickly the season is falling!

  8. Lovely harvest this past week! Do you start your celery from seeds or starts? Nancy

  9. Just taking a quick break to respond to all the lovely comments you have all added to my blog this week and also get around to visit some of yours. It seems there is very little time for anything this time of year except canning and yard work awaiting the inevitable winter.

    TS thank you. I have never grown celery before so maybe it is beginners luck. I love the short carrots as I grow them in the community plots which are 6" raised beds and the put landscape fabric under them so they have not chance to grow long. I do think carrots and celery both need a lot of water and I soak the beds completely every other day with either rain or the hose.

    Mia thanks. Our weather was about average for this area. Had about 7 1/2" of rain in July and our high temps were in the mid to upper 80's but most days it was in the 70's. The quickest way to convert F to C is to subtract 32 from F and then divide that number in half and it will give you C. It is not exact but pretty close. 32 degrees is your 0 or freezing. I love you converter. I do would in grams in cooking but my scales measure in grams. However I have made myself a little cheat card that I now have by my computer for quick reference with your weights.

    Mrs. P thank you.

    Daphne, I usually figure that I will get about 80% good tomatoes when I pick green which is every year unfortunately. So far they are doing very well and no loss but in the next couple of weeks I am sure I will start to get some. I am extremely pleased with the celery since it is the first time I tried it.

    Norma, thanks. I guess when you live in the woods with very little sun and forest all around you you learn to content with and live with the critters.

    Mac thanks. I guess my cool nights and comfortable days in the 70's are good for something or at least it seems so with celery.

    Jenny just once I would love to be able to leave my tomatoes until ripe in the garden but I have been gardening in this area for over 50 years and I just know it isn't going to happen so you do what you have to.

    Thanks Bee Girl. Unfortunately this is normal weather for this area and am surprised I haven't had frost yet but I guess I am at the perfect elevation to be a little warmer than both above me and below me. My neighbor just a mile down the mountain from me has had frost.

    Nancy thanks. I started the celery from seed last spring.

  10. Gorgeous end of season harvest this week! Those tomatoes look like they are mature enough that they have a good chance to ripen properly off the vine. They look really healthy too which is also working in your favor. The celery gave you some really gorgeous thick (succulent) stalks. That can be a bit challenging to grow so well - good work!

  11. Good luck with your tomatoes ripening! I'm sure you'll get lots that will. What do you do with the ones that don't (apart from fried green tomatoes)? I often make green tomato and chilli chutney.

    You've reminded me that I still have green cherry tomatoes in the freezer that I didn't have the energy to turn into (more) chutney last season. You always seem to have great ideas for putting everything to good use. Any suggestions as to what I can do with them (apart from add them to the compost!)?