Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard

The pantry is finally getting fed with all the stuff I am squirreling away for winter.  This has been another busy week.

Finally got the Alisa Craig onions cleaned, bagged and hung in the shop. 4 pounds
Same with the Stuttgarter 4 1/2 pounds

Spaghetti Sauce

This sink butcher block that my DH made for me is a girls best friend this time of year.  One stop prep work with the garbage disposal, water and lots of room to work.  Also I use it many times as just extra counter space. Oh and by the way a good way to hide dirty dishes.  Once prepped fill the jars and it is 2 steps behind me to the stove.
Chop suey vegetables already for the cans

Shelling beans.  They always seems to loose some of their water but still keep well once sealed.

Also baked about a 7 # piece of the boneless ham I bought and that is all sliced for sandwiches and ready to be packaged for the freezer.  A good buy at $2.75 a pound.

Please visit our host,The Gardener of Eden and see what others are squirreling away for winter.


  1. That butcher block over the sink is a great feature. Unfortunately we gave up the disposal. Being on septic it wasn't a good think and it never drained very well. The upside is more to compost.

    ALl your canning looks very good.

  2. What a great spread of canned goodies! I have never canned chop suey, but I'll have to try that. It looks very nice! And the butcher block looks wonderful. That'll be my husband's next project for sure.

  3. Lovely onion harvests and all that canning is just impressive! The chop suey vegetables is brilliant. I like to do dry beans like that too. A jar of pressure canned beans is a life saver on busy work nights when I am trying to fix a good meal from scratch in a hurry.

  4. wow looks like you had quite the week of canning!!

  5. You have been busy. I tried to find a cutting board that would go over the sink. I never found a good one. I do have one that I use occasionally, but it doesn't hold on well enough.

  6. My goodness wilderness!! I'm tired just looking at everything you did! Your onions look great! Mine were just horrible this year.

    Love your cutting board!

  7. Marcia, this time of year that butcher block is used almost daily. Knock on wood I haven't had a problem with my sewer system and the garbage disposal. I compost most of the vegetable cutting but it is just so easy to push them off the board into the sink until I am done.

    TS thanks. That chop suey is only the vegetables like you buy from Lachoy. I do miss my husband for his wonderful woodworking skills. Over 40 years he made me may great and useful items. I just had to show him a picture of what I wanted.

    Laura, I do also dry some of the beans but as you say they are so quick when in a jar already cooked.

    Mrs. P thanks the canning has just begun. There will days on end of it soon.

    Daphne I have an under the counter sink so the board sits down in and if flush with the counter top.

    Robin thanks. When the garden really starts to come I will be doing that much a day. This is the first year I have ever had good onions.

  8. This is a Chef's dream. Love your set-up!