Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday's Harvest 09/17/12

First off I must apologize to many who follow and comment on my posts that I just haven't had the time to view your blogs and comment lately.  Due to the threat of our first frost this week I did do some picking down but of course no frost came.

Well this isn't vegetables but might explain why I haven't had much time for blogging.  Since I live in the Wilderness it is a constant battle to keep the woods from totally taking the cleared property back, I need to harvest a lot of underbrush.  This came from the woods directly behind the picture.

Carrots for dinner one night.  2 Pounds
Didn't get weighed
Volunteer tomatoes.

16 quart basket of mostly Jersey Giants that are now oxheart shaped instead of plum but still nice tomatoes.

Italian Paste.  Total tomatoes for the week 25 pounds.

The end of the shelling beans.  Some of these are dried and will be used for seed next year rest will be canned.  1# 12 oz.

Also picked 12 oz. of basil and over 2 pounds total of cucumbers.

Be sure to visit,Daphne's Dandelions and see what others have harvested this past week.


  1. Wow those are some nice tomatoes. I am waiting until I really must to start pulling in green ones to ripen off the vine. We have a week ahead of really good temperatures so I am spared for one week more at least. :D

    Good work on all that brush and small tree removal. We have to do that also as the jungle of blackberry vines and trees will quickly take back over if I don't regularly beat it back.

  2. I think You work really good living in the forest as You do! Nice harvest! I miss not having fresh beens this Year (have a lot dryed though), must have that again next Year! Have a nice week! :) Mia

  3. That was quite the tomato harvest for you this week. I'm a bit surprised that you got so many given that it's the very end of the season for you. The carrots look great!

  4. Will that basket of green tomatoes ripen for you? Or you are going to do some clever things with them? I need to start paying better attention to the weather now, can have frost any time.
    Good job with the clearing.

  5. Oh that brings up bad memories of hauling slash as a child. I lived out in the woods then too. Firewood was our main source of heat for a while, so there was a lot of tree cutting and cleaning up. City life is so much less work. I have to laugh at one of the chores one year. We planted hundreds of tiny tree seedlings in the woods, and now my parents are cutting them so they stay away from the house. All the fires where she lives has now made those trees dangerous.

  6. That's alot of dry beans and green tomatoes! Looks like you'll be very busy with them.

  7. I sure love beans. Yours sure are beautiful. I have a bunch of them nearly dry, and we are getting rain enough "to drown a duck" as the locals say. I hope the beans don't try to germinate in the pods.

  8. lovely harvest. We have been getting frost warnings here all week. I think I may just pull everything instead of covering every darn night..lOL

  9. That is a nice haul of tomatoes! I am hoping ours will get a second wind here before frost.

  10. Laura, Now that we have had our first threat of frost, I am supposedly good for another 10 days but that can change at a moments notice.

    Mia thanks. Gardening is definitely work here in the mountains but the rewards are worth it.

    FKG, This is the beginning of my harvest. Things are now just getting ripe. We have one season here. Plant and hope. There are no succession plantings. There is one change that you will get something ripe. Have to be very selective on what seed you buy for the number of days to maturity. Many things that are just a dream that you might be able to grow.

    Norma, the plan is for the most of those tomatoes to ripen. Am hoping to pick about 1 1/2 times more yet. I did cover 2 other varieties. Frost here could be any time without warning. I will cover at least one more time before I throw in the towel and pick down completely.

    DAphne, it is a constant battle to keep the woods away from my house but I wouldn't trade the mountain life for anything. Have spent time in the city but didn't take me long to get back to my roots. Nice place to visit for the culture available but not a place for me to live.

    Jenny the fun is just starting here. Lots of harvesting left to do but I do procrastinate as long as possible before I give in to the cold weather that is approaching.

    Cristy my beans are just starting to dry. I picked the one that were mature earlier and canned them. I am looking for seed for next year more than anything now.

    Mrs. P, I know the feeling. I usually cover for the first 2 warnings then just give up and pick down. The only thing that is left that will freeze are the tomatoes, cannelloni beans, green beans for seed and the cucumbers for seed.

    Dave, I have to chuckle at second wind since mine are a one shot deal.

  11. It doesn't take long for those pine trees to stretch out their limbs. It seems we are always trying to push the woods back from our yard. Very nice tomatoes. I hope they ripen quickly for you.

  12. Those are some FAT carrots! And lots of other good stuff too. My mom lives in the woods and she can never have enough sun for her garden! It is constant work.

  13. Your carrots are so nice and large!! Could I ask why you picked that half bushel of tomatoes green? Whew! I wish for a little more shade here but wouldn't want all that work! Nancy

  14. I like your big fat carrots! Wow frost already? You are at quite an high elevation aren't you?

  15. Those carrots are amazing!

    We haven't had any frost warning yet, but it's been cool enough at night to slow down everything (40's) and make me dream of hot chocolate and stew on a regular basis :-)

  16. GM, those tomatoes are taking their own sweet time. Just a few at a time are ripening.

    Shawn Ann thanks. This years crop of carrots are some of the best I have had in a long time.

    Nancy thanks, I have a very short growing season and would like more sun for my garden but there is no way. My main garden is 1200 sq ft and last Saturday night they were saying frost. There is no way I can cover it all, so tomatoes were the only thing still there that could be picked before they were ripe. I picked down just on variety so I didn't have to cover that area. Had to cover again last night.

    Liz Thanks. Had to cover everything again last night. My elevation is only between 13 and 1400 feet. Actually that is good as I am just high enough above the valley that I don't get they frost as early as they do. My kids live only about 6 miles from me and being in the lower area will have frost before me.

    Bee Girl, I am very pleased with the carrots this year. Last night was 36 here but they were predicting 29. Highs are in the low 60's and nothing is really growing.