Sunday, June 12, 2011

Walkabout 6/9/11

A little of what is happening in my yard.
 Siberian Iris
 Pot of chive
 Rhodie with blooms fully open
 Lupines Just starting to bloom

 Wild Blackberries blooming
 A few blossoms on the Wine and Roses Weigalia
 White Potentilla
 I think this is a Barberry

 Expanded bed with glads planted.  Need to be evened up yet.
 Egyptian Walking Onions starting to for the blossom for the bulblets
 Potato Box is really growing
Oriental Poppies
Barberry bush on steroids 


  1. I think I've seen some of those barberry in the woods. I suppose I could transplant them to places where I'd like them to grow. Hmm. Needs to go on the list.

    The lupines are blooming here in NH. My one large one was blooming at home when I left. Next year the ones I got from seeds will bloom, too.

  2. How pretty. I love irises of all types.

  3. Worst part of the Barberry is working around them. Their thorns really bite.

    Daphne, I am just starting a collection of iris. The Siberian I originally started from seed I gathered from a friend many years ago.