Sunday, June 5, 2011

Artisan Deli Rye bread

I am so delighted with this new Artisan Bread cookbook I just got.  Thanks Villager.  Made the first loaf as soon as I got out of bed this morning and it is to die for.  The best rye bread I have ever made and almost a exact replica of one I used to buy at a Deli in Rochester NY some 48 years ago.  I have been on a quest all these years.
Dough after rising 2 hours and then falling as it is suppose to do
Dough shaped after a night in the refrigerator and ready to raise for 40 minutes before baking.  It said to use a grapefruit size ball that should be a pound.  They must buy much larger grapefruit than I do as it turned out to be only 11 oz.
Just out of the oven

And the best part eating it.  It was excellent but tasted just a little salty but that could be that my kosher salt is not as course as the brand they used so will try cutting it down just a little next time.


  1. That bread does look good. Are there whole wheat recipes too?

  2. Rye is my absolute favortie.....I'll be right butter???

  3. Yes and it is real butter. I have eaten almost the whole loaf today. Every time walk by the cutting board I grab another slice.

  4. Marcia sorry meant to answer you earlier. There are whole wheat and many other grains as well at flat breads. I have just really glanced through the book and this is not the time of the year for me to get involved in new bread making ideas. Too much to do outside.

  5. That bread looks fantastic! I have not tried to make a rye bread recipe yet, but it looks so yummy, maybe I'll try to make a loaf of it soon.

  6. Prairie Cat. Rye bread is my favorite. I just love this recipe. I have now made the white bread from this book and it is very good also.