Monday, June 20, 2011

Harvest Monday 6/20/11

Not much happening on the harvest scene for another month here.  Did pick about 3 oz. of basil from the Aero Garden and Made Basil Oil.  Forgot to take a picture of the basil.

Then there were the chive blossoms that was made into chive blossom vinegar
And the Tarragon that is no steeping for Tarragon Vinegar
Also picked about 4 lbs. of rhubarb for a neighbor.  No picture.
Don't forget to visit the hostess of Harvest Monday and see what others are harvesting


  1. Chive blossoms are such a cheery thing. :)

    You may be a few weeks away yet from the summer harvest garden but your herbs are a nice treat and 4 lbs of rhubarb is a decent haul!

  2. These herb vinegars sound wonderful -- I Need to try doing this!

  3. I wonder about chive oil instead. I don't use vinegar much, but I do use olive oils! :-D

  4. That is a lot of rhubarb! I'm looking forward to having some in a year or two. Love that chive blossom vinegar too.

  5. I've never made tarragon vinegar. That must taste good.