Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Start of the Vegetable Garden Planting

The weather hasn't been too cooperative about getting a garden planted.  Hit has been an extremely wet spring with 11" of rain in May when the garden should have been tilled.  Finally getting that done finally the rain and cold have continued into June. June 10 was finally able to make an attempt at planting.  With all the rain each area as I plant has to be wed before planting.  Got 49 hills of corn in and my Brassica in which included 12 each of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage and 6 Brussel sprouts.
On June 13th the weather decided to cooperate or at least it didn't rain in the morning and the temperature got up to above 60 degrees and was able to get 2 1/2 dozen tomato plants in.

One succumb to a cutworm last night.


  1. 49 hills of corn... sounds like a lot of corns!

    Best of luck to all your plants! May the cutworms stay away from the rest of them!

  2. Yipee...you were finally able to get some planting done! Hopefully, the bugs won't be too bad for you!

  3. Sherry that isn't much corn. Let's see 5 stalks to a hill make 245 stalks at 2 ears per stalk 490 ears of corn. Boy is that wishful thinking that that will happen.

    Robin hopefully I can get the rest in by the first of next week. It finally decided to get rather nice out about 2:30 this afternoon but at that point I had all sorts of things going in the kitchen and I just don't function at starting new things at that hour of the day.

    Tomorrow morning we are looking at lows of 44 degrees. Crazy weather.