Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update on the Potato Box

On May 12th I should the seed potato in place in the box and the hay spread over them.  I went out today as they needed more hay since they were growing.  All 35 seed (left over potatoes from my garden last year) have sprouted and are growing.  Also threw about 7 or 8 in a hole in the pile of old potting soil and they are also up just great.  Now to just keep them watered and covered will hay so they can develop spuds it should turn out to be a great experiment



  1. That's great that all of the potatoes came up. You just reminded me that I better water the potatoes here at the house.

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  3. Samuel, Thank you. I would love the LED lights but I garden on a shoestring budget. In fact that is why it is so important that I get good results from my veggie garden is I rely on it for food all year round to save on the grocery budget and still eat the best. The price of them is way out of my budget at this time.