Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard 8/9/12

Well still about the only thing going in the freezer is meat that I am buying.  Those chicken breasts I bought last week for $1.99 a pound made 19 meals for the 2 of us so just a little over $2 a meal for protein.

Also got a good buy on both whole pork loins and whole eye of the round for $1.99.  Two loins about 20 pounds made 10 meals of pork chops and 4 pork roasts that will probably be at least 2 meals each or they might end up as sausage or Canadian bacon.  Still the meal will be less than $3.

The Whole eye of the round was cut into 8 roasts.  Most will be made into corned beef over the winter and maybe on with will roasted and sliced thin for sandwiches for DB's lunch.  Again less than $3 for 2 for a meal.

I did actually have something make it from seed to produce to freezer however.

Broccoli blanched, froze on a cookie sheet then put into a foodsaver resealable bag.  As I harvest I will continue to add to this bag until it is full.  Then I am able to take out what I need for a meal and reseal and vacuum the bag.  Dave it you haven't tried these, I love them.  I do put the bag into a freezer ziplock bag however as they don't say they are freezer bags.  I also store all my cheese in the refrigerator in these once they are opened.  I wrap the cheese in wax paper as they say once opened cheese should never touch plastic.

Wednesday is ground beef sale day here.  Not much of a sale but better than the regular price.  Made beef jerky for DB since he has to have protein for 2 snacks a day.  Each stick is equivalent to 1 oz. of meat.  Made them look like slim jims for him this time.  These just go in the refrigerator.

Don't forget to check with our host The Gardener of Eden and see what others are squirreling away for winter.


  1. I have a lot of broccoli in my fridge right now. I ought to get to freezing it soon.

  2. Daphne, I should be so lucky. Mine is not doing well this year. Not sure if it is the variety I changed to or the weather.

  3. That beef jerky looks great. I have never made it before. Do you have the recipe posted? I don't remember seeing it.

  4. Why shouldn't open cheese not touch plastic? Its sold in it here, is it there?

  5. Always an inspiration on eating frugally but well! Celebrating the first bit of fresh produce to go into the freezer for the year with you. :D

  6. Mrs. P thanks

    Robin, this jerky is just made with lean ground beef. I just add Adobo seasoning and soy sauce. You can buy seasoning packets for ground beef and the little extruder that makes either ribbons or round ones. I also make it from thinly sliced top round steak and just marinate it about the same thing. Either then goes into the dehydrator to dry. Real simple.

    Liz, I wish I could answer your question. I have done cheese making and spent a lot of time reading about storing cheese and that is one of the things I have read and yes I do see a difference if the refrigerator life of my cheese once it is opened if I first wrap it in wax paper.

    Laura, thanks. Isn't it amazing what excites us gardeners. LOL