Monday, August 6, 2012

Harvest Monday 8/6/12

As far as harvest is concerned, things haven't changed here much except I took the time today and went back and check last years records.  Other than zucchini, green beans and cucumbers which I got planted very late what I have been harvesting is exactly what I was harvesting last year.  How short our memories are.

2 3/4 oz green pepper, 3 5/8 oz celery and 4 3/8 ox carrots

9 1/2 oz tomatoes.  The Patio tomatoes are preforming quite well although I was hoping they would get a little bigger.  Some that are still green seem to be bigger.

No that is not one head of broccoli but 2 12 7/8 oz.  The are bolting due to the heat before they are very big.

More basil 8 1/2 oz

Just a little look at the plots which are doing well.

King of the North bell peppers

Aisle onions really showing promise

Paprika peppers (thanks Robin)

Celery a real nice treat for me to see.

Don't forget to visit our host Daphne's Dandelions and see what everyone else is harvesting.


  1. Looks wonderful! Love your peppers and onions.

  2. Your gardens are doing exceptionaly well. Those tomatoes are beautiful

  3. wow everything looks great. My tomatoes are all very very small this year so yours look HUGE

  4. I have the same short memory! Apparently our gardens know better than we do!

  5. You are getting some tomato beauties now too. What will you do with all those paprika peppers from the plots?

  6. I rely on my garden journal for just that reason... short memory.

  7. I just gasped when I saw your peppers. You are going to be harvesting so many. Lucky you!

  8. My celery isn't doing so well this year. I think it wanted more water than I gave it.

  9. Jenny thanks. This is the first time I have had good onions. I put them in the plots in town and they seem to be doing much better. Also the peppers are there and they did great last year there also.

    Thanks Norma. Now that I can see the plants for the weeds it is looking better than I thought.

    Mrs. P, the only tomatoes I am getting are off the potted ones and they aren't as big as I hope the ones in the garden will be but they are just setting so have to wait.

    Susan, I blame the short memory on age.

    Marcia, I think I only put in 8 paprika peppers and some didn't make it. I am hoping Robin is going to tell me how she dries them and then grind them for paprika. Of course I will use some for seed next year. I am thinking of trying to smoke some to make smoked paprika.

    CC it would be nice if I would look back at mine more often when I am feeling depressed that I think the garden isn't doing well.

    AA thanks. I freeze most of the peppers as I use a lot in cooking in the winter.

    Daphne, the celery may be beginners luck. Not sure. We have had quite a bit of rain so the plots dry out very quickly so either rain or me watering it has been almost everyday 2 days this summer. I have a setup with the hose there and I do each bed for 30 minutes and since they are quite shallow it really soaks them.

  10. Your garden is looking wonderful - those onions and peppers are indeed promising. The celery definitely looks happy and keeping it consistently watered well is definitely a bit part of that.

  11. I love the look of your pepper plants - beautiful looking fruit.

  12. Laura, thanks. I guess the garden is doing well. I just get impatient. I want to get to putting things up for winter. I am lucky we haven't been dry like the rest of the country but I do water faithfully at the plots. In fact that is one of the task on the agenda for today.

    Liz thanks. The plants are good and healthy but I don't understand why they have not sent out a second round of blossoms like they usually do. I am hoping finally being able to pick some will help but time is getting short here.