Monday, August 27, 2012

Harvest Monday 08/27/12

Another fairly busy week in the garden.  Still not a lot ready but things are straggling in.

 7 oz
 5# 14 oz
 2# 14 oz
 1 3/4 oz
 2# 12 oz.  Have pulled some of the pepper plants as there is no sign of more buds.

Mung Beans the first picking.  Don't think they are going to amount to too much.

 3# 5 oz
 This one grew in a pot on the deck and they only one it produced
 5# 9 oz
 More volunteer potatoes.  These put me over 15 pounds of volunteer potatoes
 The first bunch of celery picked.  1# 9 oz

First ripe paprika peppers 4 oz.

I discovered this week that one of the pepper plants in the aero garden has 2 peppers on it so should have fresh peppers this winter.

I love this time of year but not my house.  Baskets of produce sitting around waiting to be processed.  Canning jars, canning kettles and dehydrator.  They won't find their home until probably October.

Don't forget to check out our host Daphne's Dandelions and see what others have harvested this week.


  1. It is THAT time of the year. My kitchen has piles and baskets of produce everywhere, canning rings cluttering up the counters, and a pressure canner in the corner of the kitchen floor. LOL!

    Very lovely harvests this week! The celery is perfect! Mine tend to grow rather short. Nice score on the volunteer potatoes too.

  2. Someone has been eating lots of clemitines. Abundant harvest. Love it when volunteers are productive.

  3. Beautiful harvests. It is the time to preserve things. Weirdly I'm in a lull right now. Usually I'd be canning tomatoes in August and freezing peppers, but that isn't happening anymore. So I'm getting a short break.

  4. What a great harvest! love those peppers!

  5. Wonderful harvest. Your peppers are fantastic!

  6. Lovely veggies! I'm jealous of those cucumbers.

  7. Wow, your garden is really starting to produce for you!! Yippee!!

  8. Every thing is looking great. I know what you mean about your house. Every counter in our kitchen will be covered in soon to be canned produce or just canned produce for the next 4 weeks!!

  9. How amazing to get over 15 pounds in volunteer potatoes! Such a gift!

  10. You call that "straggling in"? wow! It all looks so picture perfect. The tomatoes, peppers, and celery are particularly wonderful looking. Well done on growing such nice looking produce.

  11. Beautiful veggies! You definitely have great variety going there.

  12. Looking good! How in the world did you manage to get 15 lbs of volunteer potatoes? Did you forget to harvest a crop last year? That's really cool, kind of like a surprise check in the mail!

  13. Boy I can't believe I haven't even acknowledged anyones comments since Monday. Been busy I guess.

    GM you are right it is that time of the year.

    Norma yes the volunteers are a nice surprise. I got wise last winter when I bought a couple of boxes of clemetines as the boxes make great gathering boxes.

    Daphene you are on a short break and I am just starting.

    Mary thanks. The pepper have done well but not as well as the ones I grew last year.

    Susan thank you.

    Dave my cucumbers are producing almost daily now and I don't need to make any pickles or relish this year have plenty left over.

    Hi Robin. Yes finally starting to get things now if the frost hold off for me.

    SA thanks. I wish mine was only 4 weeks. I will be into October with tomatoes.

    Bee Girl the potatoes are a gift and they are so good.

    Gardenglut thanks.

    Laura, I am afraid this is only the beginning. As the tomatoes, squash, etc. start to ripen the haul each day will be much bigger.

    Jenny, there are a few other vegetables I would like to grow but DB doesn't eat them and so I don't bother.

    Jody, I am still getting volunteer potatoes where I haven't planted any in 2 years. It only takes one little potato left behind and it will grow the following year.

  14. Nice harvest you have. I am envious of everyone's green peppers as mine did nothing this year. Your celery looks great too! Nancy