Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard 8/16/12

Well another Thursday and not much going in the freezer or cupboards from the garden yet.  Did get a loin of Canadian Bacon cured and smoked this week for DB's breakfasts so that spot in the freezer is filled for a little while.

 My 2 measly pints of beets.  I got in a hurry and pulled the beets prematurely.  We did also have enough for dinner one night.
 Green peppers ready for the freezer.  They are 3 layers deep.
More broccoli added to the resealable vacuum bag that gives us a gallon bag so far but the heads are small.  Hopefully there will be a lot of side shoots this fall.

Not much doing on meal side this week.  Don't do a lot of cooking in the summer.  Just basic meat, potatoes and vegetables.

Still waiting for the so called meat prices to drop which is suppose to be happening soon and see what else we can find to get in the freezer for winter.

Did have salt potatoes one night which I can only make with the little new potatoes so they are a treat this time of year.

Be sure to visit our host The Gardener of Eden  and see what others are filling their freezers and cupboards with.


  1. Nice! I love your idea of layering peppers in more than just one at the time, so will have to borrow it for this weekend when I slice them up.

  2. Beets are always so pretty. I really wish I liked the taste since I like the visual so much.

  3. I canned a few pickled beets this year. Don't you just love them! Your green peppers look good too! Nancy

  4. What a great harvest and preserving them for later!

  5. I love canned beets. But "The Italian" doesn't like them so I haven't been growing them. My mother usually cans some pickled beets for me though.

    It looks like your peppers are doing very well. My bells are slow going this year.

  6. Salt potatoes? The only time I've had what might be salt potatoes is in the Canary Islands. Little new potatoes are boiled in really salty water until their skin wrinkles and then they are served with a mojo sauce. Mojo sauce comes in two types - red or green, both are made with peppers but usually they are fairly mild. Are yours similar?

  7. Jenny, I put wax paper between each lay and they come off easily to go in bags.

    Daphene we love beets and I just can't get enough to grow.

    Mrs. P things are starting to pick up a little but mid September is when it will really get busy.

    Nancy when DH was alive I always made him pickled beets. I like to make harvard beets when I open them.

    Thanks Holly, I try to grow most all of our vegetables.

    Robin I think beets is one of our favorite vegetables but I am not fond of pickled beets.

    Liz, the potatoes are cooked the same way but we only dress them in butter.