Monday, August 13, 2012

Harvest Monday 08/13/12

Patio tomatoes are starting to really do their thing this past week.  Just hope they hold out until the ones in the garden start getting ready.  Looks like I will be giving a few away as I don't have enough to start canning and no way I can eat them all myself.

Total 5 pounds of Bush Beefsteak

2 pounds 14 oz of King of the North green peppers.  Still not producing anymore blossoms.

First 3 cucumbers  Marketmore 76

Broccoli head plus a couple of side shoots. 5 /4 oz.

Cleaned the onions that came from the sets. 8pounds 12 oz.

Had a few cauliflower seedlings sitting around so planted them where the onions were and also put in some pickler cucumbers.  Not sure what I will get out of them.

Be sure to visit our host Daphne's Dandelions and see what others harvested this week.


  1. Look at those peppers. Wow! Lovely!

    My cucumbers are long and thin this year. Not like yours at all.

  2. Beautiful peppers. And nice onions. It certainly seems that a lot of people are weighing their onions this week.

  3. As I mentioned before in one of my previous comments, you need to get more baskets. Nice head of broccoli. That sure is a lot of tomatoes. You could freeze them whole for later use.

  4. Marcia thanks. These cucumbers are a slicer that get 6-8" long. A couple of these could have grown a little longer.

    Mrs. P. thank you

    Daphne, thanks. It seems the pepper do much better at the plots than they do here at the house. The get more sun there.

    Norma, funny you should mention more baskets. I bought 2 more 16 qt baskets the other day. We just eat and enjoy most of the patio tomatoes. Once the garden ones start to ripen I will be canning. I don't mind doing just a couple of quarts at a time. I know people freeze them whole until they have enough to can and they peel real easy after that.

  5. Wow your garden is suddenly exploding with harvest goodness! That is a gorgeous haul this week. My pepper plants produced some lovely first fruit but only just now are getting ready to set some more fruit - big hiatus in between. My tomatoes did the same thing. I think we just had too cool of conditions during what should have been their primary fruit setting period. Oh well, I may be able to eek out a second crop of peppers and a decent flush of tomatoes if they get busy with this new round.

    Love your tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and onions. The broccoli is particularly fine looking. Something we wont' enjoy again until late September.

  6. Laura thanks. Things are starting to pick up slowly but most will be all done when I get into full swing.

  7. Very nice harvest indeed. Love your peppers and broccoli especially. Will have to wait for couple more months for fall garden to get mine going again.

  8. Peppers and tomatoes the same week you get broccoli! Enjoy that.