Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Freezing Eggs

OK this challenge has really got me thinking and researching ways to put up perishable items when they are on sale for future use.  I had heard of freezing eggs but have never tried it.  Well yesterday was the day.  One day a week our market puts medium eggs on sale for $.89.  All well and good but we eat very few eggs but use a lot of them in baking.  Now most recipes call for large eggs so have never purchased medium eggs before.  I think large eggs here are around $1.89 a dozen.  In my research I learned you could freeze egg whites which I have been doing for years but also whole eggs which are suppose to be fine for cooking.  There was also in the article an equivalent to use once the eggs are cracked and beaten together.  It said a large egg was 3 tablespoons.  Well being the doubting Thomas that I am I measured a medium egg and it was 3 tablespoons and a large egg was 4 tablespoons or 2 oz. or 1/4 cup.  I was suggested to also put 1 teaspoon of salt to every cup of eggs to be frozen.  One word of caution when beating the eggs together was don't get any air in them.  Well do I listen no.  I put a dozen into the blender and gave them a whirl.  I did let them set until they had all settled down.  Out of the 12 medium eggs I got my equivalent of 10 large eggs.  Therefore instead of an egg costing me over $.15 it cost me $.09.  With all the baking I do that is a big savings.

I also waste a lot of egg making egg wash for breads.  I plan to freeze some eggs in ice cube trays which should be just enough to make an egg wash for a couple of loaves of bread.


  1. I never heard of freezing eggs! Great tip! And I'm going to start looking at the medium eggs now, too!

  2. Can you just freeze the eggs without beating them together?

  3. I have never heard of freezing eggs either. Great tip!

  4. Wilderness - funny you should write about this. Emily was telling us that they have to freeze their eggs because getting 4 a day from the hens is more than they can use. I'll have to ask her if she uses your method. Sounds like a great savings.

  5. Holly thanks. I have been freezing egg whites for years then making macaroons or something with them when I had enough. Tried egg yolks and found them to be dry and mealy.

    Anonymous I don't know about freezing them without beating them together. Every thing I read in my research said to beat them. Maybe we will learn something different when we her how Marcia's daughter is doing her eggs.

    Robin thanks.

    Marcia I am anxious to here how Emily does hers.