Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/29/11

What a crazy week.  I am hoping those on the East Coast still have a garden to harvest from.  Haven't had a chance to check mine out as I am starting this Sunday evening about 9 PM and the winds are coming back and we have no power.  Well so much for starting on Sunday, it is now Tuesday and am just getting back here.  Hope late is better than nothing.  Still have no power.

Basil headed for the freezer

 4 pints of green beans and 3 pints of tomatoes.
7 pints of sauerkraut on its way to the basement to ferment.
Didn't take pictures of everything as it was just repeats.  The last picture of peppers I had already given 10 nice ones away before I too the picture.  Had 26 in all.

Totals for the week
Cucumbers 11 lbs 2 oz
Tomatoes 7 lbs
Green Beans 3lbs 5 oz
Green Peppers 4 lbs 8 oz
Zucchini 7 lbs 10 oz
Cabbage 4 lbs 12 oz
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/21/11

It seems so good to finally be able to post on Harvest Monday.  It is slow at coming but should have plenty squirreled away by fall.

 Mondays Harvest of green beans and also picked the last head of broccoli and a few side shoots.  Made a great turkey and broccoli Curry for dinner

 Wednesday was the best of the week with tomatoes, cucumbers, Zucchini and also got the beans canned and had a nice lunch from the garden. Pulled the last of the scallions from the community plot for the Food Pantry.

 Saturday more green beans that are now 3 more pints canned plus some for dinner Sunday. Zucchini that is now in the freezer shredded for bread (12 cups), cucumbers and tomatoes.  Also picked 9 nice bell peppers at the community plots guess forgot the picture.  They are sliced and in the freezer.
Sunday Basil all cleaned and ready to be chopped and froze.
Totals for the week
Green Peppers 1 lb 14 oz
Green Beans 4lbs 1 oz
Zucchini 7 lbs 9 oz
Cucumbers 3lbs 11 oz
Tomatoes 4 lbs 4 oz
Scallions 2 lbs 3 oz
Broccoli 6 oz
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/15/11

Things are starting to pick up in the garden finally.


total for the week
Broccoli 1 pound
zucchini 7 pounds
Beets 1 pound 5 oz
Peppers 6 1/2 oz
Potatoes 1pound 14 1/2 o
green beans 2pounds 4 oz
cucumbers 6 1/2 oz
Tomatoes 4pounds 4 oz
Also picked a meal of baby carrots from the window boxes.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vegetable garden 7/31/11

Things have even changed since these pictures but haven't had time to take new pictures

Monday, August 8, 2011

Harvest Monday 8/8/11

Good morning.  I have been MIA as far as blogging is concerned.  However the garden is starting to give a little bit now.
I picked a total of 6 broccoli and 2 zucchini this past week.  Broccoli except for one meal is neatly tucked away in the freezer for next winter.

4 of the heads of broccoli and one of the zucchini  Total weight on the broccoli was 3lbs 9 oz.
Also picked 3lbs 10 oz. of scallions at the community plot which went to the local food pantry.

Also picked basil and here are the frozen basil cubes that will be like using fresh come winter
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