Thursday, July 21, 2011

A week later

First I must apologize to everyone who normally I follow their blog and respond.  I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to even get out here in the past week and am still behind.  I am a northern gal and don't appreciate the heat as much as my garden does.  Just went out and updated my pictures from a week ago.  Well started this yesterday to guess I will get some pictures here and post.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There is hope for the vegetable garden

Things are finally starting to look up in the vegetable garden.

 Tomatoes on the Burpee Bush Early Big Boy tomatoes in pots.
 The Potato box.  They are starting to blossom
 Ace Green Peppers and Egg Plant
 Cucumbers there are spacesavers and straight eights but have no idea which is which
 Provider Green beans
 Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts
 Tomatoes 3 Jersey Giants back left but hard to see and the rest are Delicious
 Corn with a few volunteer potatoes.  There is also Butternut Squash in there somewhere
 More tomatoes 2 rows on left are the same Early Big Boy the others are a large Italian Paste tomato that the seed was given to me.  It has been handed down in the family and friends for years
Peppers and weed.  Left Hungarian Wax, Center Jalapeno and right Revolution Green Bell Pepper
Left Burbank, Right more Burpee early Big Boy and middle is a bit of both.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Walkabout 7/7/11

It has been almost a week since I took the camera with Trouble and I on our morning walk about.  Here is a little of what is happening in my yard and greenhouse.
 Fine seed bed from deck above

 From ground level
 Onion patch
 Ivy Geraniums need to hung up again
 Geraniums overwintered in the house
 More plants overwintered in the house
 Sweet Potato Vine

Asiatic lily still in pots where I started them

It is quite obvious I have a lot to plant and 2 decks to get set up yet.  Need to get one more greenhouse down before I can do the big deck.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Vegetable Garden update

I have been real busy and have neglected my blog and also keeping up with others.  I guess it is time to reveal the ugly vegetable garden through the end of June.
 Carrots that I have been growing in window boxes are starting to get pretty good carrots on them.  The lettuce (planted too thick), the beets and the radishes were a real bust.  Got too hot in the greenhouse for the radishes.
 Tomato Row.  There are 5 potted tomatoes here and the tomatoes are starting to develop nicely and lots of blossoms.
 This is DGD Addison's Cherry tomato Plant.  DS doesn't eat tomatoes so this is hers for when she is here on weekends.  We need to get it to DS's house before it won't fit in anyone's car.
 The Onion Box.  There are Egyptian walking onions in the back.  From left to right Spanish sweet onions started from sets, Valencia Sweet onions started from seed and yellow onions stated from sets.
 The potato box growing in Hay.  They are starting to blossom and need to get more hay up around the plants.  We have had so much rain it keeps packing down and now afraid of mold.
 Ace green bell peppers and egg plant.
 Green beans still sprouting.
 Hard to see but Burbank tomatoes in the back and Burpee Bush Early Big Boys in the front.
 Corn some volunteer potatoes from last year and some where there is Butternut Squash..
 Broccoli cabbage and cauliflower.  At least something is growing good in our cool rainy weather.
 3 Jersey Giant Paste tomatoes top right and the rest are Delicious.
 Back right 2 rows Burpee Bush early Big boy.  left Back what I call Dave's Italian Paste.  They are an heirloom seed from a friend that has been handed down through generations.  I was given the tomatoes last fall to extract and ferment the seed from them.  In front is a row of Green Bell Pepper, Jalapeno peppers and Hungarian Wax peppers.

 Cucumbers.  Way too many and a number of varieties all mixed together.

Tow more potted tomatoes in the little greenhouse that never got staked and are taking over.  All of the potted tomatoes are Burpee Early Big Boys and the seed was planted January 28th.