Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard 10/11/12

It has been another busy week in the kitchen and the pantry is getting fed a little more stock for winter.

 8 quarts of tomatoes
8 pints of applesauce and 8 pints of beets.  The beets are part of the 25 pounds I bought.

Also did 10-1/2 pints of beets from the rest of the beets from my garden.

Meals are starting to come together now that I have the monthly menus posted.  Makes life much easier.  Thursday night it was just me and had shrimp scampi.  Cost $2.

Friday night we had baked pork chops with tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and green beans.  Cost for 2 less than $2.  Potatoes and green beans were from the garden.

Saturday night was spaghetti with meatballs, mushrooms and sausage for 4  Cost about $5.50  However the left overs fed 2 on Monday night.

Sunday night was beef stir fry with Angel Hair.  Cost for 2 around $2.50.  Peppers, onion and celery came from the garden.

Tuesday night pizza burgers (sauce from Saturday night is what the burgers were cooked in) mashed potatoes from the garden.  Cost for 2 $1.75.

Wednesday night was Chicken cacciatori with egg noodles.  Cost for 2 $3.75.  However there is enough left for another meal except for the noodles and the chicken broth will be used to make chicken noodle soup for my brother for 2 lunches this weekend absolutely free as there is left over cooked spaghetti from the week in the refrigerator.

Total spent on groceries at the store this week less than $6 and almost $3 of that went to replenish the pantry not for consumption this week.

Be sure to stop by our host,The Gardener of Eden and see what others are preserving and eating this week.


  1. Canned beets are always so pretty. Too bad I don't like beets.

  2. You are really getting your money's worth an more with the way you cook. Good for you.

  3. wow great week or meals and lovely canning!

  4. Those beets are beautiful wilderness! It looks like you are getting your pantry stocked and sure are doing a great job with your grocery budget!

  5. I think canned beets are just so pretty. Once again you have left me a bit awe struck and very inspired with your frugal ability to feed yourself and your brother so well.

  6. Daphne, they are pretty for sure.

    Marcia without the garden I am not sure how well I would make out but actually vegetables are a small portion of what we eat. This next week won't be so good as I need to go out of town to get a lot of the things I need and it will be a monthly shopping list. Even with all that is in the pantry, I seem to be running out of a lot of things.

    Mrs. P thanks.

    Robin the grocery budget will be in the sewers this coming week.

    Thanks Laura. Yes we do eat well. Doing a monthly menu helps a great deal.

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