Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard

Even though it is the end of the season for the garden, the pantry seems to be getting a steady flow of new goodies being added to it each week.

Potatoes and sauerkraut
Cannelloni Beans
Tomatoes and Cabbage
One more of my best friends this time of year.  Mr. Squeezo.  An elderly gentleman gave this to my husband and I about 30 years ago as he didn't use it anymore.  I checked the price of them about a year ago and boy am I glad it was a gift.  I use it for making apple sauce and tomato juice.
I love how little waste you get to make this 5 pints of applesauce.
The personal challenge is coming along nicely.  Have the menu for the Month of October and will be reporting more on that in weeks to come.  I need to update my food cost chart.  I pretty much know it in my head but like it on paper.

Also have been spending more time that I really have figuring out carbohydrates and protein in recipes I use all the time.  I need it for portion control for my brother as we go into the winter months and there will be more casseroles etc.  I now have ramekins that hold just one portion so it will be much easier.

We did have a rather expensive dinner this week as we had corn beef for Reubens.  Even though the sauerkraut, bread and dressing were homemade it still cost about $10.  I had purchased the corned beef before I discovered how to make my own so needed to use it up.  It had a lot of waste on it unfortunately.  However we had 2 dinners from it plus my brother had a corned beef sandwich for lunch one day.  So it was still less than $5 per night for dinner.

Our Grocery bill was just barely over $5 even with buying the cheese for the Reubens.

I am working on something new today and will let you know how it turns out tomorrow and if it is a savings on a food that I buy all the time for my brother.

Be sure you stop by our host,The Gardener of Eden and see what others are squirreling away and sharing for good recipes this week.


  1. I bought one of those (by a different name) decades ago. It has seen a lot of use over the years. But the initial cost is expensive. I just bought a new vacuum sealer and oh my goodness that is expensive.

  2. I don't mind the cost of the vacuum sealer since I use it all the time. BTW don't know what brand you have but if it is a food saver sign up for their website. They have some really good sales once in a while. I just got 6 of the 8"X20' rolls for $9.59 a roll with is about $2 less than what they sell for around here.

  3. everything looks great!!! I can't believer your grocery bill was $5!! Good for you!

  4. Love the canned goods, and wow how frugal with only 5 dollars for groceries...wish we could do that! Deb@

  5. Hugely impressive as always. I love Mr Squeezo, he looks very impressive!

  6. You sure have been busy wilderness! I so need to buy a pressure canner this winter.

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