Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday's Harvest 10/01/12

As they say all good things must come to an end and it appears that harvesting for the 2012 season has just about ended here on the mountain.  We have had rain since the night of the 25th and there is no end in sight.  The forecast for the next 8 out of 10 days is rain.  I was starting to loose things due to all the wetness so between showers decided it was time to end the gardening season for the year.

Acorn Squash.  9 1/4 pounds.  These are an heirloom bush acorn however, see those 2 golden acorn.  I planted 25 seed and one plant produced those 2 squash.  I had planned on keeping the seed for next year but they are now cross pollinated so will have to order seed again next year.  Not too happy about that.  They are setting in front of the slider hoping some day to see the sun again so they can finish curing.
Cannelloni beans 6 pounds
last to bunches of celery 4 pounds
Picked 4 cabbage but only 2 were worth a photo however did have a total of  7 1/2 pounds including what I was able to save from the 2 bad ones.

Also pulled the last of the beets which are very small and haven't weighed yet.  Got 3 heads of cauliflower that weighed in at a total of one pound.  Fed those to the critters.  There were also a few side shoots of broccoli that weren't weighed in.

The lose on the cabbage and cauliflower were my fault.  Neglect will do it every time.

Still have butternut squash, potatoes, brussels sprouts and basil in the garden.

Be sure to visit our host,Daphne's Dandelions and see what others are harvesting or doing to start their new gardens around the world.


  1. What lovely squashes! Never heard of them! Sorry about the crosspollination! Really lovely harvest all of it! Hope the rain stops and the sun comes now! Have a nice week! :) Mia

  2. Nice harvest! Am thinking of putting cannelloni beans on my 'to grow' list for next year.

  3. Nice acorn and celery harvest you got there. Do you shell your Cannelloni beans after they have dried or before? Either way that's a lot of shelling, you are going to be busy.

  4. Wow - what beautiful celery!

  5. Ah neglect - there's something I specialise in... I'm usually OK with my crops but not very good at looking after my soil.

  6. Those golden acorns are beautiful. So is your celery! I am going to rotate acorn squash back into the lineup of winter squashes next year. I have not grown them for three years now and I miss them.

    Sorry about the relentless rain. I am actually kind of suprised that we are not int he same boat... as typically we have the fall rains arrive shortly after Labor Day weekend, but not this year it seems. Enjoying my temporary good fortune while it lasts.

  7. Those squash look lovely. I don't think I've had an acorn squash since I was a kid.

  8. beautiful winter squash. Seeing everyone's giant piles of winter squash is making me a tad jealous! Pretty good sized basket of beans too!

  9. We have had rain too recently but forecast is not as yours is. Love those squash.

  10. Ah, you'll be dreaming of your spring garden soon. Sorry to hear you've come to an abrupt halt. Rain has plague my entire summer and for the first time in years I've let my garden go to weeds. BAD me.

  11. Wonderwoman thanks to commenting. I am not sure the beans produce as much per square foot as I would like but since I have lots of room I don't mind as I love them.

    Mia thanks. Since they are a bush variety I find they don't get as large as those on a vine but since I am the only one who eats them they are perfect for a meal. And it is still raining off and on. Tomorrow is to be nice then 5 more days of rain.

    Norma do shell the beans before they dry to can and the rest for next years seed after they dry.

    Susan I am very pleased with the celery as it is the first time I have grown it.

    Liz I am lucky my soil pretty much looks after itself once I take care of it in the spring but my poor veggies sometimes are over taken by insects and rain.

    Laura, yes we are getting more of your kind of fall weather but at least it isn't snow here yet.

    Daphne Acorn squash baked with butter and brown sugar is my favorite squash or stuffed with breakfast sausage balls.

    Shawn Ann thanks. I don't eat summer squash but love winter. Problem with bean they are deceiving. Look like a lot in the shell but once out are a lot of work for what you get.

    Thanks Marcia, if you want some more rain would be glad to share it with you have another 5 days coming after tomorrow.

    Barbie, weeds are once thing I don't allow in my garden. I am a bit anal about that. Yes I have already started planning for next year and haven't finished with this years yet.

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