Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday's Havest 10/8/12

Things are certainly winding down as far as harvesting in my garden.  Still a few things to finish up and things to get started for next year.

These are the results of an experiment that has been going on since February.  I decided to see if I could grow peppers in the house in the aero garden.  I had 2 plants that grew to about 2'.  They both produced blossoms but only one plant set fruit and only these 2 peppers which are only about 2" long.  Conclusion, from now on peppers will be grown in the garden where they belong.
Dug the rest of the potatoes 16 1/4 pounds

This being the biggest one weighed in at 1 pound 1 oz.
The balance of the beets from the community plots.  3 1/2 pounds
Butternut squash only a very few grew to maturity.  The little ones are ripe enough to pick but not store.  The biggest one was 4 1/4 pounds.

I have started planting for next year.  I pulled all of the Egyptian Walking onions that I planted 2 years ago.  They didn't develop as I had hoped.  The top onions I was hoping to use for little pearl onions but they didn't get that big.  The original onions which had multiplied are now drying and will be weighed later.  So far I have planted a 9'x1' row of the little top onions that will be used mainly as scallions in the spring.

I am also trying perennial potato onions this next year which are suppose to be the best keepers.  So far I have planted 1 1/2 pounds of sets which is about 15 sets and have another pound yet to arrive.  I am very anxious to see what they do here.  Even if I only get enough to plant a bigger bed of them next year I will be happy as they are extremely expensive to purchase.

My garlic sets are here and I will be getting a bed prepared for them I hope this week and get them planted since we are only having rain every other day and the highs for the day are about 50 time is of the essence now.

Be sure to check with our host,Daphne's Dandelions and see what others are harvesting and planning for their next garden.


  1. I need to pull my carrots to plant my garlic. I'm hoping I can in time. If not I'll have to move it to another spot in the garden. Sometimes the plants just don't cooperate in producing on schedule.

  2. I have my garlic to plant too. Too wet today though. THose red peppers are lovely. Miss you on ABY.

  3. The planting of garlic is on my "to do" list. Probably get that done at the end of the month since it is still nice here at present.

    Thanks for giving an update on your aerogarden pepper growing experiment.

  4. Nice pickings from the garden...wish some of my butternut squash would have grown better, but it was too dry here.

  5. Your 2 red peppers are very pretty. Great potatoes and beets harvest. Looks like we planted the same varieties of butternut squashes.
    Prepped my garlic bed and hoping to plant the cloves sometime this week before the grounds freeze.

  6. Daphne with the weather we have had this summer it is hard to predict when anything would be ready to harvest.

    Marcia those red peppers were so small. About the size of a habanaro maybe.

    Laura, I chalked the experiment up to a waste of time but will be getting herbs going in it soon.

    Debbie the butternut were very late in setting but am not sure why they didn't get any bigger as the smallest ones are ripe but not ripe enough to store.

    Norma, I really need to get my garlic planted but it has been just too wet and Friday night it is suppose to be 17 here.

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