Monday, November 7, 2011

Harvest Monday 11/07/11

Well the outside garden is officially done.  I dug the carrots this past week.

This was the last of them, an 8 quart grape basket full.
Canned all but this 4 1/2 pounds that I will use fresh from the refrig.
 I can't keep up with the basil in the aero garden.  I ended up freezing this which I already have plenty frozen in the freezer.
I am afraid this will be my last Harvest Monday as all I will have is basil and parsley from the Aero Garden until spring when it will be time to dig the horseradish and pick the rhubarb.  I am sad as I sit here knowing the end of my gardening 2011 is over.  Not to worry though as I will be checking in on Mondays with envy to see what everyone has fresh to eat.

Don't forget to check our host's site
Daphne's Dandelions
to see what everyone else has harvested this past week. 


  1. Those are some really oustanding looking carrots! Good work! I think you should still post with your aerogarden harvests - a harvest is a harvest you know!

  2. Your carrots are wonderful! My first crop did well...but, the second crop kept dying due to the extreme heat :(

    It's always sad when the garden has come to an end. I think that you need a cold frame!

  3. Robin not sure a cold frame would do me much good. By now it would usually be covered with snow. Also I don't grow greens as DB doesn't eat them and it isn't worth it to have to fix 2 different meals. I am not a big green eater either.

  4. I really look forward to your blog. It's the first one I read after Daphnesdandelions. I love reading your recipes and preserving techniques and with all the wonderful things you've harvested, I hope you'll keep posting your recipes. I'm 77, also widowed and am soooo new (3yrs.) at gardening but loving it! Here in E. TN we have already had heavy frost and a freeze. It was so hard to give up digging and planting this Fall so I've planted 22 garlic cloves(a few have already pushed thru the soil)
    onions, which I read would be ready to harvest in March; I have lots of romaine lettuce; 3 patches of carrots ... (beautiful foliage but the carrots are about the size of a toothpick). Sugar snap peas with hundreds of blooms and a few pods but I think I need to put some sort of cover over them to protect from the frost/freeze? Stay warm and cook something yummy!

  5. Holy CALZONES! Those carrots are huge! Everything I grow in Florida sand is a little smaller than normal but - those suckers look like they might take over a garden! LOL. I'm completely impressed and jealous. It will be 2 months before I will see a carrot and it will be less than half that size.
    Please come back to hang out with us - we would miss you!

  6. Dirtdabber, glad you enjoy the blog. This is something real new for me so am still learning. Gardening I have been doing since I was helping my Dad so for over 55 years. I love to cook and do miss having a family to cook for now. I enjoy sharing my experiences in gardening and cooking. Sign up to be a follower of my blog as I have a lot planned for this winter. I have set a goal for myself that we need to live from the freezer and pantry unless it is on sale. I live in a small town with only one market and on sale to them sometimes means increase the price and put the word sale on it.

    Barbie this is the first year I have gotten carrots to grow here and I have been trying for 4 years. Now if only I can conquer beets, onions and brussels sprouts I will have accomplished something. You only have 2 months to wait for carrots, it will now be 6 months before I can even put a seed or plant in the ground so everything will have to come from the pantry and the freezer.Not to worry I will continue to stop by Harvest Monday and leave comments. Please stop by as I have a lot planned for the blog this winter and it will be about using all of the food that I have squirreled away in the freezer and pantry.

  7. Your carrots look so perfect. I can't wait to start growing my own again.

  8. That's a lot of carrots!!!!! How large an area did you plant? They are gorgeous I am so jealous.

  9. Great looking carrots! They are huge! All of mine stayed quite small this year! Do you have a trick???

  10. Gorgeous carrots! You must have many frozen veggies now to get through winter and next growing season.

  11. Shaheen this is the first time I have been able to get carrots to grow here. Used to grow real well in out old garden.

    Bee Girl. Have no trick that I know of. It may be that it was just a good year for carrots. I have to grow short ones as my garden has a lot of rocks. If you look you will notice some are crocked and I assume that is where the grew around a rock.

    Norma I tried a modified square foot planting this year with the carrots. These last ones were planted from pelleted seeds. I made a temp plate to plant 12 seeds per square inch. So the row was about 9' long and 12" wide. Germination wasn't real good however. I think the seed were a little too deep.

    Malay, I have both canned and frozen vegetables. Haven't really tallied them all up yet but need to do so. We should do quite well with a few purchased frozen veggies that I don't grow when they are on sale.