Friday, November 25, 2011

Eating thrifty and meeting my challenge

Since we did a Thanksgiving post on Thursday, I need to record my success or failure on eating well and eating from the freezer, pantry and root cellar.  I am a little embarrassed that some of these meals will be seen by others.  I was busy and just too tired to cook some nights.

I stated out the week by replenishing my Salad Dressing in the Refrig
Left to right:  Italian Dressing 1 1/4 c $.80, Thousand Island 1 C $.30, Blue Cheese 2 C  $1.50, Spicy French 2C 1.10

Got all of the $.99 1/2 gallons of milk in the freezer in different amounts for recipes.

Thursday Night we had Beef Burgundy over egg noodles  $4.00
Friday night was dinner for 4.  Roast pork left over from a party in September that was frozen, Bordalaise Sauce, Buttered Beets and fired canned potatoes.  Beets and carrots were from garden.  No real cost as meat had been accounted for before
Saturday night Garlic and Basil meat sauce over shells, green salad with Italian dressing and fresh made bread.  Meat was $.75, Shells $.50, salad $.60 and bread $.20.

Sunday Corned Beef with cabbage, carrots and potatoes.  Only cost was Corned Beef which was $6.50 but there are left overs.
Monday homemade TV dinners from previous left overs No cost
Tuesday and here is where it gets bad.  I actually bought a loaf of bread.  $1.99 ouch.  Homemade soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  Soup was practically free and cheese was a manager special at $.99 for 12 oz. of sliced American Cheese.
Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday.

All and all not a bad week.  There were no managers specials this week except milk again for $1.99 for a gallon which I passed on.  Did get a pound of bacon on sale for $3.50 which is great for here.


  1. I think you're doing great! This is giving me some meal ideas, too. I can remember years ago thinking I would refuse to pay $1 for a loaf of bread! I guess that dates me! I, too, make most of my own bread now. And I'm thinking of making my own flour and corn tortillas, and thus own corn chips. Just need to get a little courage up!

  2. How in the world do you find milk for two-bucks a gallon?

  3. Holley, I have made soft flour tortillas. I would like to figure out how to make the crunchy corn taco shells. I think we are both dated but I do remember bread for less than a $1 also.

    Jody our supermarket has what they call manager's specials. It is stuff they mark down the day of expiration. There is nothing wrong with it and it will last for quite a while even after the expiration date. During the summer we don't see many of them as we are a tourist town and things sell out quickly but being a small town, in the winter there are usually a lot of managers specials. If I am in town I usually just stop by and check out those specials. I am sure I miss a lot as I only go to town a couple of days a week. If I lived closer I would be there every day.

  4. Always inspirational to read your cooking posts. Your organization in preparing items ahead so meal prep is less stressful is excellent.

  5. Laura, glad you like the posts. I am not so sure I am that organized but I love to cook and will find any excuse to do so. Most of my prep is because of what I buy on sale that has to be taken care of immediately. I wish I had the outlet to be able to teach young families how easy it is to eat really good food on limited incomes.