Saturday, November 12, 2011

Got a good deal

Was in the store yesterday buying drain and pipe declogger.  Wasn't a good day since I now have no kitchen sink or dishwasher until I get someone here to fix my mess.  Anyway I digress.  As I walked by the dairy isle where they have the managers specials they were putting prices on 1/2 gallons of milk.  The were getting outdated.  The price was $.99 so I grabbed 2 of them.  A gallon of milk is normally $3.29.  I will make low fat sugar free ice cream for DB.


  1. DO YOU MIND SHARING YOUR RECIPE FOR THE LOW FAT SUGAR FREE ICECREAM? ALL of your recipes sound like things I'd like to make ...yummmm!
    I'm inspired after reading your "Personal Challenge" (AND all of your other food/costs saving tips.) Thanks for the time you put into sharing.

  2. Dirt glad you find useful information from the blog. It does not have any scientific or professional backing. Just what I do. My DB who is mentally challenged loves sweet anything as long as it is chocolate. He is also boarder line diabetic so need to take that in to consideration when cooking for him. The ice cream if very simple. I have one of those little electric ice cream makers.
    2 c low fat milk
    1 c heavy dream
    2 oz. unsweetened chocolate
    1/2 c splenda
    1 egg

    heat milk until scalded pour over chopped chocolate until chocolate has melted stir in heavy cream and them beaten egg. Put in the refrig until cold. Add to ice cream maker and blend until frozen. I got 10 1/2 c portions. I put them in 5 oz plastic cups so he can get them out of the freezer for himself.