Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Harvest 7/30/12

Things are starting to come in in drips and drabs.  It seems like forever to me since so many here are having such great harvests.  Actually if I look back in my journal everything is just about on time, I am just impatient.

7 3/4 # of bush beefsteak tomatoes
Basil 2 1/2 oz chive 3/4 oz
More basil 7 1/4 oz
First broccoli 8 3/4 oz
2 more Bush Beefsteak tomatoes 5 7/8 oz  One of these was sacrificed for next years seed.  They are fermenting on the cupboard now.
First green pepper King of the North 3 7/8 oz  Hoping they get a little bigger
Pulled all of the onions that I had put in from sets.  The tops were pretty much laying on the ground and dieing.  These filled a 16 qt basket.  Will weigh when the are cured and cleaned.

Don't forget to visit out host, Daphne's Dandelions, and see what others are harvesting.


  1. Lovely harvest. Your broccoli looks fantastic.

  2. It's always hard to wait for harvest but once it comes it's hard to keep up :) Your harvest is very nice :)

  3. wow looks great. ican't believe you have pepper already!

  4. Beautiful tomatoes and your basil looks nice and green and healthy. I often get impatient waiting for the harvests too. Especially when other bloggers are posting their large tomato harvests and I am looking a lots of green fruit. But usually I find that when I look back to previous years, I see that things are progressing normal for my garden so far.

  5. Great harvest this week! I'm envious of your broccoli...ours didn't fair very well this spring/summer (especially for the space it took up). Yours looks delicious!

  6. You need to get more baskets. Your tomatoes are lovely. Did you get the storm on Thursday evening?

  7. I'll do the same thing. I'll think something isn't doing what it should, but if I look back at the records, it is.

  8. I am impatient too - I keep feeling like I am so far behind, but I'm really right on track. Your tomatoes are just beautiful!

  9. No patience here either, I'm tapping my toes awaiting the first ripe tomato, which may very well be ahead of last year's first tomato. That's just my climate, which affords other advantages, but it is hard to see so many ripe tomatoes... I think I can smell that gorgeous basil from here!

  10. That's the danger of the Monday harvest blogs - losing track of what's normal for your growing region. Thankfully keeping records and looking at them once in a while helps to mitigate for that affect. I am very envious of your broccoli - our is long since done and the ones I just planted for fall will be a long time yet to harvests.

  11. AIA thanks for stopping by. Broccoli was great in a chicken stir fry last night with other vegetables I picked yesterday.

    Jenny nice to see you here. Oh believe me I know when the canning a freezing starts it never seems to end.

    Mrs. P, my peppers aren't real big yet so am hoping the grow more but they are beyond the bitter too small stage.

    GM, the only reason I am picking tomatoes is I start some the end of January then when I move into the greenhouses the 1st of April I put them in big pots where they remain on my deck all summer. Usually have tomatoes around the 4th of July from them. They were a couple of weeks later this year but it is a need variety to me.

    Bee Girl, my broccoli is a bit slow and I think a little small but will get lots of side shoots once I pick the main head. I plant 1 plant per square foot and they seem to do fine.

    Norma, I love my baskets. I wish now I had bought one more 16 qt. Yes we got the storm Thursday night but not as bad as some did. Got 3.8" of rain Thursday mostly however during the day.

    Daphne, I guess it is a good thing we keep records or it might be very discouraging sometimes.

    Susan thanks for stopping by. It will be over a month before I have tomatoes in the garden.

    Michelle hi, don't think I have seen you here before, welcome. I will be flirting with frost by the time my tomatoes start to ripen but I still prefer my weather to those that are so hot and dry.

    Laura, at least you get a chance at having fresh broccoli twice a year. I could extend my crop if I were to plant more seedlings the end of June maybe.

  12. Those tomatoes were lovely, Wilderness. Do you freeze your basil?

  13. Marcia yes I freeze my basil in either ice cube trays with a tablespoon or in small 2oz cups with 2 Tablespoon. I cover them with water when they are frozen I pop them out and put them in resealable vacuum sealer bags.

  14. That lot definitely looks worth the wait - such beautiful tomatoes.

  15. lovely tomatoes and basil! and broccoli too! mine is long gone and a long time till next harvest!