Monday, July 9, 2012

Harvest Monday 7/8/12

Yesterday as I weeding the big vegetable garden I was thinking.  What am I going to post for Harvest Monday since I haven't harvested anything and nothing is going to be ready in the near future.  My mind as a tendency to wonder when I weed.  It is very quiet except for the sound of my water feature which I can hear from the garden.  As I worked I had an amusing thought about all that I have harvested this week.

Now you have to understand to even consider farming in the middle of the wilderness, on recovered forest land only 4 years ago and on top of it in zone 4 that you need to have some sort of warped sense of humor.  I have actually been having a heavy harvest for almost 2 weeks now.

Yep that trail is loaded with almost nothing but grass from my vegetable gardens.  I can't get a lawn to grow but my gardens seem to be a place where it thrives here.  Maybe I should try planting vegetable in my lawn and I would get better grass.

Yep and those are rock.  As I weed I also harvest rocks.  You will find piles of these all over my garden waiting to be picked up and hauled off to some better use.  Maybe some day in my second life I will be able to put a tomato cage in the ground without several tries and without the wires looking like they got run over by a Mac truck.

 Volunteer tomatoes.  Have no idea what kind but they are now in the weed bucket

 These are a large Italian paste plum tomato that I call DI after the gentleman that shared the seed with me.  They were given to his family many years ago by an Italian neighbor who had brought the seed directly from Italy.  This are from seed I saved last year.  Also my struggling brussels sprouts.  There are also some volunteer potatoes and I haven't actually planted potatoes there in 2 years.

 Shelling beans that I saved seed from last year.
 Jersey Giant another large Italian Paste Plum tomato original seed from Bakers Creek that I collect every year.
Russet potatoes a bit spotty.

I am seriously thinking of planting my potatoes this fall at least a few since the volunteers seed to do so well each year and try a little experiment with planting a few tomatoes the same way.

Be sure to visit our host of Harvest Monday, Daphne's Dandelions, and see how others gardens are doing.


  1. I've always wondered about planting potatoes in the fall instead of in the spring. I haven't seen people do it, but I certainly get enough volunteers from potatoes left over.

  2. Daphne, I have a note on the sticky notes on my computer to try it. I will use the little potatoes that are too small as keepers. I do can some of them but it should prove interesting.

  3. Glad to hear that I am not the only one that is harvesting weeds and rocks...LOL
    your garden looks great though!

  4. How I would love to have your rocks. I too have wondered about planting potatoes in the fall as I also have many volunteer potatoes.

  5. Lol...thanks for the chuckle! I have harvested tons of rocks and mountains of's the tomatoes and peppers and cukes that make it worth it...especially the waiting ;-)

  6. I have grown potatoes for much of the year here. I find the ones planted late witner do best as they are harvestable before it gets hot. The autumn planted ones tend to be slower and the yield varies a lot depending how warm the autumn is. In a warm year it tends to be lower than a mild one.

  7. It looks like your garden is about to really take off. I have tons of rocks also; enough to build many walls and terraces. Terrible time pounding in fence posts in some places though! I've let many of my volunteer tomatoes stay, if they are not in the way. They start coming on about the time my planted ones start to peter out a bit.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments just haven't had to the time to respond to everyone. Still pulling weeds and piling rocks. Norma bring a truck and come on up rocks are free here.