Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard

It has been a long couple of months on the home front sort of learning to cook all over again.  My DB has been put on a whole grain diet which I am not used to.  Have spent a lot of time trying new recipes etc. to find ones I am satisfied with.  Our food bill has changed due to his now food requirements for his diet so haven't even been keeping track of how I am doing on the personal challenge.

Thanks to King Arthur I found what I think is a very good whole wheat bread which is much to long to type here but will give you the link.

Whole wheat sandwich-bread-recipe
Sorry this is the wrong recipe but will leave it here.  The one I actually use is
classic whole wheat bread

I do however substitute one cup of AP flour for one cup of whole wheat.

Please stop by our host The Gardener of Eden , and see what others are adding to their cupboards or using from them.


  1. Your loaf look lovely. This is my favorite recipe for wheat bread as well. It is very forgiving to my experimenting too.

  2. That bread looks wonderful wilderness! I haven't been baking much bread these days since I still haven't lost all of my winter fat!

  3. Oh darn they make that recipe with potato flakes which I can't eat. I tend to do mine half and half and not totally whole wheat.

  4. The bread looks perfect. I'm trying to eat more whole grains too and it is actually far more difficult than I anticipated. Makes you realise how much refined flour you actually do eat.

  5. GM I posted the wrong recipe. I just reposted the correct one.

    Robin, I don't eat it much, My DB has to have it

    Daphne go back and check the second link. I posted the wrong recipe the first time and there is no potato flakes in the one I make

    Liz,I have never baked with whole grains before. It is a whole new learning experience.

  6. That is a beautiful loaf of whole wheat bread. Getting a good loaf of sandwich bread with 100% whole wheat is quite difficult. I like using a little all purpose unbleached flour too to give it more lightness.

  7. Isn't it hard to go whole grain! We've been making the same transition ourselves. Keep up the hard work!

  8. I have hard time transitioning to whole wheat bread, will try occasionally though.

  9. Laura that is a good recipe as long as you use the 1 c of AP flour.

    MP thanks

    Jody and Mac I don't eat it but my DB loves it and that is the only reason I make it.