Monday, June 25, 2012

Harvest Monday 06/25/12

Good morning.  It has been so long since I was here can't remember how to do things.

Garden is slow to do anything.  We have had so much rain and cool temperatures that nothing is in a hurry to grow.  Do have all the garden planted except the green beans.  Am building a new raised bed for them which I had hoped to get done today but weather doesn't look like it is going to cooperate.

Do have a few pictures however.

 The 2 plots at the community garden are doing quite well.  This one is King of the North Bell peppers and Brussels Sprouts
 This is a shot from the other end.  Celery next to the Brussels Sprouts then beets that are just coming up.  The ones in the way back were planted earlier the Paprika Peppers (thanks Robin)  They are just starting to look like something.
 This is the other bed.  In the far back are onions from sets then onion plants I started from seed both Alisa and stuttgarter.  Next is Mung Beans.  Think I forgot to put seed in one hill thus the empty spot then carrots that were just germination.
 Normally in all summer this is as big as my onions get so looks like I should have a good crop.
My one harvest.  These weighed in at 1/4#.

 These are some of my patio tomatoes Bush Beefsteak taken May 30th
 A couple of weeks later including the one below

June 24th

New 50 root asparagus bed.  Not completely sure how many made it but at least 35.  More may still be coming up.

Please stop by Daphne's Dandelions, to see what others are harvesting.


  1. Everything is looking really good around your place!

  2. It looks great. We seem to be having a good onion year this year too. I won't know until August when they are all harvested and weighed, but so far so good.

  3. Mary and Daphne thanks. If only things in the gardens here at home looked so good but of course they were planted much later. I am actually ahead of last year getting things in but it all looks pretty sad and hopeless right now.

  4. It won't be long before you're inundated with tomatoes. I'm envious of your asparagus bed!

  5. Your paths are so clean and weed free. Are you going to harvest your mung beans as green beans or as dried beans?

  6. Every thing is looking really nice! I love the raised beds!

  7. Your garden is looking great - in particular your tomatoes and onions. Well done and nice to see you hopping back in on the Harvest Monday posts.

  8. Everything is looking great - there look to be quite a lot of flowers on your tomatoes which is always great to see.

  9. Everything looks quite promising! Your onions are gorgeous! I only planted bunching onions this year and am disappointed in my decision now. Oh well...There's always next year ;-)

  10. You are going to have a LOT of asparagus next year--even with a light harvesting. Do you plan on freezing most of it? Your onions are perfect!!!!

  11. Mrs. P thanks

    Marcia, I think I should have a pretty good eating crop from these tomatoes. Just wish the ones in the garden would get going or I won't be doing much canning this year.

    Norma, when they built the community garden they put landscape fabric down first then placed the bed and filled the walk areas with crushed stone. I still have to weed around my beds as so many last year let their beds go to weed and seed. The beds are only 6" deep and with the landscape fabric the roots of the plants can go no further so have to be careful what you plant there. I plan on using the mung beans for dry beans at least this year. Want to be sure I have enough seed to plant for next year and have some for bean sprouts. Will see how well they produce.

    SA thanks. I love the raised beds but wish they had built them deeper. Limited on growing root vegetables there with only 6" of soil.

    Thanks Laura, I hope to find the time to post weekly here and also get back into Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard.

    Thanks Liz, the tomatoes have a lot of blossoms but they are about done blossoming so time will tell what size tomato I get.

    BG thanks but what you see here is all that I have promising right now. The big garden is sick. It has been such crazy weather here. It was 48 this morning and may not get out of the 50s today. Not good growing weather.

    Dorothy, I love asparagus. Will eat a lot and am sure my kids will be looking for some. Probably won't have any to freeze next year but am hoping the year after. Have never had onions this size before at the end of the year so hoping to get a lot for the winter as I cook with a lot of onions. Bunching onions are more used for a green onion are they not? I am planning on getting multiplier onions put in this fall. They are suppose to be the best keepers there is.

  12. You may have forgotten how to blog, but you sure haven't forgotten how to garden! Things look wonderful. Our garden is a huge mess. Yours is so orderly, neat and productive. Nice work!

  13. Thanks Jody. Only the raised beds are orderly. The other gardens are a disaster area right now. With our crazy cold weather things just are growing but the weeds sure are.