Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard 3/29/12

It seems this time of year is always hectic so I have been a bit MIA.  Have been taking some pictures of some of the meals we have been having so will share a few of those.  I think some are repeats that you have seen when I have cooked them before.

This week was breakfast food for the freezer so did pancakes and waffles.

Got a great buy at the managers special yesterday.  OM 12 oz. bologna for $.99 a package so in the freezer they went.  Not the greatest food in the world but does give DB the protein he needs for lunch and that is hard to do as there are so many things he doesn't eat.

 Fresh made pizza.  Green peppers were from the freezer stash

 Filet in red wine and mushroom sauce, fresh asparagus on sale and baked potato and hot Brown and Serve Rolls

 Butter and corn flake crusted baked chicken, mashed potato and canned green beans from the garden
 First attempt at corning my own beef.  Before cooking
 After cooking
 Corned beef, Cabbage, Carrots and potatoes
 Left Over Rubens
 Homemade rye bread with Thousand Island dressing made with Pepper Hash made from garden sweet peppers
 Left over Corned beef
 More dressing
 Sauerkraut made and canned from the garden
 Lots of Swiss Cheese
 Ready to eat
 Soup time, onion, carrot and celery
 Don't forget to chop and dry the leaves of the celery
 Chicken that I had canned after making chicken stock with whole chickens
 Made some mighty fine chicken salad
 And creamy chicken rice soup using Condensed Soup Mix and crock dill pickles made from garden cucumbers.  Confession I bought bread last weekend
Baked pork chops with onions and peppers from the freezer and tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and buttered corn.

Be sure to visit Robin, our host of Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard at,  The Gardener of Eden , to see how others are using their stash from the garden.


  1. I shouldn't read this right before lunch. It has made me really hungry. The reuben looks sooo good.

  2. I'm with Marcia. I am ready to eat lunch and go help out at the Community Garden.

    Everything looks great! Were you happy with your Corned Beef??

  3. I so love homemade pizza. But I probably won't make it until next week.

  4. Pizza seems popular this week, I made pizza too but my base was a bit soggy - yet to perfect it. Once day..... like the idea of the cornflake crusted chicken.

  5. That pizza looks yummy! I should make a pizza this weekend. I can't wait for peppers in the garden again. I didn't have a good pepper crop last year, so I have none stashed away in the freezer. That asparagus also looks very good!

  6. Wow everything looks great!!! I love corned beef but I'm the only one in the family that does so I never get it. I'm a little jealous looking at yours.

  7. Love your pizza. Your meals are always so interestig and delicious looking. What's in those bottles behing the leftover rubens? I am nosy.

  8. Wow, wish I live near you! Everything looks really yummy! Thanks for sharing!