Monday, March 5, 2012

Harvest Monday 02/05/12

Certainly didn't harvest anything this week but did get more snow.  Another set back to Spring.  Thought I would share what seedlings I have going at this time.

Buds on the tomato.  Sure hope they are going their thing in there are are getting pollinated.  Have been giving them a good shake every day.  It seems like for ever and they should be opening but it has only been a week.  No sign of anymore buds however.

King of the North green peppers on the left and Paprika peppers on the right.  Hoping for more germination on the KON.

Bush beefsteak tomatoes and one King of the North Pepper.

I help do the Garden for our Local ARC every year so grow their plants for them.  The residents help to plant the seed.  I think they have a magic touch as they get much better germination than I do with the same seed.  They have 3 flats like this.  Next week we will be doing their tomatoes.

OK, I have never done celery before so planted in cell packs rather than an open flat.  Didn't know if they can be transplanted before they go in the garden.  Put 3 seeds in each cell and I think almost all germinated and I have 6 of these 6 packs.  Think I will have enough celery?

And last Asile Onions.  This is the second attempt.  Still not good germination.  Most of the first planting didn't make it.  May still start a few more.  Also restarted the Stuttgarter.  May end up buying sets but am determined to make these things grow.

Please visit our host at,Daphne's Dandelions, and see what other vegetable gardeners are planting in anticipation of Spring and what some are harvesting now.


  1. Laura if you stop by what a change in the looks of the strawberry patch. I hope to build one this spring. Would love one of your green onions right about now. Sorry I didn't post on your site but could not get that word thingy to match.

  2. I hope your onions take off. My ailsa craig are the smallest of my onion starts so far. The others are much more sturdy. I find it strange since they are such a large onion at the end. The seed packet says 2lbs average weight, but I usually get ones under a pound. I think next year I'll feed them more and see if it helps.

  3. I can't believe you've got buda on your tomatoes indoors already. Amazing. I hope they stick!!!!

  4. Your tomatoes look great. I have my Chinese celery in cell pack also. They are very slow growing may be should have started earlier, will make a note.

  5. Looking at how drawn your celery is, I'd say you need lots more light and/or cooler temps to help them grow more sturdily. I'm doing celery for the first time, planted last fall into the ground bed and a large tub in the green house; the tub plants are doing super, the ground bed ones not so great; difference in soil I think. Remember, celery is a bog plant, lots of peat and water.

  6. I start my celery in seed trays and then pot up into small pots before planting out - I've never had a problem transplanting them in this way.

  7. You are way ahead of me wilderness! I delayed some of my plantings due to the garden move. I pot up my celery when it gets bigger. It's a slow grower!

  8. I noticed some buds on the Silvery Fir Tree tomatoes starts I have growing last night too. Too early to be tapping them for pollination yet, but when they open up I will be doing the same thing to see if I can get some early fruit set. These plants are destined to be planted up in containers on the deck and I may end up moving them out soon but covering them with a plastic greenhouse so they can keep growing on.

    You have lots of beautiful seedlings going which brings some spring into your house - even if it wants to snow outside.

  9. Daphne, I replanted the Alisa and they seem to be doing better than the first time.

    Barbie, the tomato plant with the blossoms is growing in the aero garden and has been since the 19th of January. However the blossoms didn't make it but there are more buds coming.

    Norma, thanks. I see what you mean about starting the celery earlier. It hasn't grown since it germinated.

    Mary, that celery has been getting 12 hours of light since the day it germinated. The heat I can't cool down as they are growing in the house.

    Liz thanks for the information on transplanting the celery.

    Robin, you sure are right about celery being slow. That stuff hasn't grown since it germinated. Hope you are getting things going now you have the layout of your plot.

    Laura, we aren't discussing snow anymore. Got another 4 1/2" Friday night. The buds didn't make it but there are more coming.

    Ms. P. Thanks.