Monday, March 12, 2012

Harvest Monday 03/12/12

Not much happening here.  Gardens are still all buried under snow.  Still working on the layout of the big garden.  That may take until the time I start planting.  Weather is suppose to be great all week with way above normal temperatures.  Would love to get a greenhouse up but I just know there will be another cold snap and heavy wet snow storm.

Did get some transplanting done however.  Same plants I showed last week but in their new homes.

I have updated my garden profit and loss sheet and looks like I should make out real good by fall.  I do hope to buy a load of topsoil for the new raised beds I am building and need to buy manure yet so that will I am sure increase the expense quite a bit.

Don't forget to visit Daphne at,Daphne's Dandelions , and see what others are harvesting and planning for their spring planting.


  1. Your seedlings and tomato plants look happy and healthy. I really need to decide when I am going to put up my greenhouse. I could probably do it this week.

  2. Thanks Robin. All the seedlings have been taking a walk every 3 days which helps but I only have one fan so they can't all go every day. I am so temped to put at least one greenhouse up this week but I know I will pay before it is over with the cost of heat and maybe a night with no sleep checking to get the snow off every hour or so. Wouldn't be the first time however.

  3. Your tomatoes are looking really good, so are the others. Going to try and get some outdoors chores completed today.

  4. Your seedlings are looking happy with their additional root room. I have a mess of tomatoes to pot up this week. Going to pace myself as there are a lot of them to do.

  5. Your seedlings look great!! I'm hoping to get my tomatoes started this week!

  6. All of your seedlings are looking good; I've got some more almost ready to go into bigger quarters also

  7. wilderness, I've missed you for the last 10 days ... hope all is well with you and DB. This is the first time I've started seeds indoors and I think they are doing okay... I'm following your "7-STEP" seed starting guide except I don't have a artificial light source. I put them in a south facing sunroom and "tickle" them every day.

  8. Your seedlings and transplants look very happy. Hope the weather breaks for you soon. I know you'd like to get the green house up soon.

  9. Your tomatoes are looking nice! Mine are still itty bitty.

  10. Your seedlings all look beautiful. I think I'm still in denial that summer is over here and I need to get thinking about my winter garden.

  11. Your seedlings are looking great! :)


  12. I've been reading your posts (and those of others) for some little time and I'm in awe of the determination and dedication you have when it comes to kicking off your vegies in what to me, are 'harsh' conditions.

    I'm from Gippsland (Victoria, Australia) and though we think it gets a bit chilly down here, it's nothing like what you endure! I take my hat off to you all! You are doing amazing stuff.

    Best wishes

    p.s. I've chosen 'anonymous' as my profile as when I've tried to comment before (on Annie's Granny's blog) using the 'google' profile, I think it must have floated off into the ether, as it didn't appear. One day I hope to start a blog of my own. Time is the enemy!

  13. Looks like everything is doing great! We should be planting outside soon. It is going to be in the 80's all week.

  14. all your seedlings make me happy :)

  15. Outstanding start to the growing season!

  16. Norma, thanks, I would love to be able to be outside this nice weather but not much I can do with snow still on the ground.

    Thanks, Laura. Those tomatoes are only the patio ones. I had planned to start mine for the garden today but have great grandson today to that isn't going to happen. Tomorrow I will go to the ARC Day Hab and help them get their tomatoes planted. When they all get up I will be doing a lot of transplanting.

    SA thanks.

    Mary, thanks, I love when things are ready to transplant.

    DD, we are just fine. Last week I had a big project to do. Had to redesign and rewrite our Lion's Clubs webpage. I was spending 10-12 hours a day on the computer doing that so wasn't doing much of anything else. I hope your plants don't stretch in the window. If they do just transplant them and bury the deep. Glad my instructions are helping you.

    Jody, you have no idea how much I want at least one greenhouse up. But I know we will get more cold weather and probably another snow storm yet.

    Julie, I haven't even planted my main crop of tomatoes yet. Maybe tomorrow.

    Liz at least you can have a winter crop. We are lucky if we get one harvest here.

    Lynn Thanks

    Nina, thanks for stopping by. Yes, mine seedlings have to be really determine to survive to make it here. We very rarely see more than a couple of days in the 90s and the nights always get real cool.

    Becky, I won't be planting outside until the end of May.

    Mrs. P thanks

    Thanks Jean. Good to see you. I haven't had much time for visiting other blogs lately.