Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday' Kitchen Cupboard 02/16/12

Not a whole lot happening here this week.  Thursday I did cook up a big pot of spare ribs for the meat and to make pork stock.  Got 7 pints of stock and enough meat for 4 dinners.  Thursday night I made pork tacos.  Guess what they are not on the menu again.  Not such a great idea.

Friday night we had home made pizza and one of the toppings was green pepper strips from the freezer.

Saturday night was dinner for 4.  Made a Sirloin Tip oven roast with gravy, boiled potatoes and fresh asparagus.

Sunday night was fried ham steaks with milk gravy, boiled potatoes and yep fresh asparagus again.
Monday night was hot roast beef sandwiches from Saturday's leftovers, fried left over potatoes and Asparagus.  That was the end of the asparagus.
Tuesday night I made marinated lamb kabobs over Curry Rice Pilaf with peas.

Wednesday was dinner for 1 liver and onions with a baked potato

Besides making the pork stock to add to the pantry, also added 3 meals of pork rib meat and 4 meals of cooked veal stew meat to the freezer and 4- 1/2 pint jars of veal broth to go with the meat to the pantry shelves.

On Monday I showed my latest crop of bean sprouts.

To these I added carrots, celery, red and green peppers, onions, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts.

Hot packed them in 7 pint jars.

And now we have chop suey vegetables to make chow mien with.  Granted there wasn't much of a savings since all the ingredients were purchased but come fall when the harvest comes in the only purchase would be the bamboo shoots and water chestnuts.

Be sure to go to our host of Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard,  The Gardener of Eden and see what others are adding to their pantry or freezer or using from them.


  1. wow you sure get a lot done in a week, everything looks great

  2. Your bean shoots look great, I've never tried to grow them but I now have every intention of doing so.

  3. What a great idea canning chop suey veggies! I definitely need to get a pressure canner ASAP! I guess that Santa forgot :(

  4. Looking forward to hearing the results of your canned chop suey. You can leave out the bamboo shoots and water chestnuts.

  5. The piles of prepared vegetables look wonderful. Nothing like fresh ingredients to make cooking really good. The canned chop suey is a great idea!

  6. Oh my just realized I hadn't responded to any comments.

    MP thanks, one of the advantages of being retired. Busy all the time.

    Liz I enjoy the bean sprouts fresh in a salad.

    Robin, Sorry Santa forgot the pressure canner. I use mine year round, well worth the investment.

    Norma, the use of the vegetables aren't on the immediate menu plan but that may change. I love the water chestnuts and bamboo shoots for the added crunch. One reason of trying to make my own chop suey vegetables it to be able to make a smaller batch of the Chow Mien we like but with all of the ingredients. This will help as I can open only one can rather than several which is what makes so much.

    Laura, I should have been a pre chef. I just love to cut vegetables etc. I am anxious to try the chop suey that I made.