Monday, February 20, 2012

Harvest Monday 02/20/12

Sure isn't anything to harvest here this week but lots growing and many seed being planted.  Went to ARC Day Hab this past week so they could get their pepper seeds going.  We did 2 dozen each of Revolution, Ace and Colossal green bell peppers.

Also did my own peppers in the aero garden.  3 dozen King of the North and 1 dozen Paprika (thanks Robin).  Have 18 each of Crisptender  and Ventura Celery in cell packs.  This is a first so have my fingers crossed.

I am very disappointed with the germination and behavior of the Alisa Onions.  They aren't doing anything.  I have replanted about 25 as a second try.  The Stuttgarter are doing OK.  As thinking of giving them a shot of high nitrogen fertilizer to see it it helps as all.

The Bush Beeftsteak tomatoes were transplanted from the Aero Garden to pots and have outgrown their lights already.  Have to adjust that situation today.  These were planted January 28th.

 The tomato that is living in the Aero Garden was planted on January 19th.  If you look closely there is a 12" ruler propped up against the light.  No blossoms yet but just increased the length of time it will get light today so hoping for blossoms soon.

That's all folks from the frozen North for today.

Don't forget to stop by our host of Harvest Monday Daphne's Dandelions  and see what others are harvesting or preparing for their spring garden.


  1. It seems to me that every year something doesn't germinate like it ought to. Last year it was my peppers. I hope this year I'm spared.

  2. That tomato plant in the aero garden is a beauty! You are getting quite a lot started this year indoors.

  3. everything looks great. Your tomato in the aero garden in HUGE!! Very exciting to see green in the winter

  4. That tomato plant is amazing! My Freckles Romaine is not germinating. It's always something.

  5. See you are really having a grand time with your aero garden. Yep, I see the ruler. Will you be transplanting it to pot?

  6. Everything looks great, spring is on it's way~

  7. Your tomato looks healthier than mine and its tomato season here...sigh - hope you get loads of lovely tomatoes from it.

  8. That's one big tomato plant for the middle of winter! I also had bad germination of my onion and leek seeds. This was the first time I tried them and I'll probably be buying onion sets come spring. The second round of leeks seem to be doing a bit better.

  9. Daphne, I have replanted the Alisa and now think I may replant the Stuttgarter. They aren't doing as well as I would like so with plant them differently this time.

    Laura, thanks, I looked this morning and I think there is a cluster of 3 blossoms coming on the big one. I do a lot of seed in the house and usually try to move into the greenhouses by April 1st as I literally outgrow the house by then between the flowers and the vegetables. I need to start transplanting some things right now and may have to go buy more ligts.

    Mrs. P, if all goes well with the aero garden I will have fresh tomatoes all next winter. This one right now is just a trial run and I have already learned a little bit out what to plant when to keep the plants the same size.

    Robin, as you and Daphne say there is always something that just doesn't want to cooperate.

    Norma, no that tomato will grow and mature there. If fact this morning I see 3 blossoms.

    Mary, thanks.

    Liz, If I get just a few tomatoes from this plant, I will be happy as I have learned a lot with the planting I have in there now and it will let me know when I need to start this summer to maybe have tomatoes most of the winter.

    Julie, I have restarted some of the onion and plant to restart more. I may end up buying some sets also.