Monday, February 6, 2012

Harvest Monday 02/6/12

Not much happening here just yet in the vegetable department.  10 of the 12 Bush Beefsteak Tomatoes has germinated that I planted on January 28th.

The two tomatoes that I showed last week are not out of the Aero Garden and planted in pots.  They were planted 4 weeks ago tomorrow.

They are really doing well.  I put an ad on Free Cycle yesterday for 5 gallon pails and have found someone who has a lot of them to get rid of so will make a trip to the city on Wednesday to pick them up.  Have been wanting to go there grocery shopping but couldn't justify a 90 mile round trip with the cost of gas but since it is garden related I guess the gas money can come out of the garden budget.  I want to try potatoes in them.  I think it was Liz who spoke of planting potatoes in buckets so need to go back to her blog and do some more reading.

The Stuttgarter onions are doing well but not so happy with the Aisle.  Didn't get as good a germination and they seem to be just sitting there little green 1/2" long squigglies on the dirt if they are even that long.  Need to get them under lights today since I now have the lumber I needed to hang more lights.

Don't forget to visit our hose of Harvest Monday, Daphne, at Daphne's Dandelions to see what others are growing and harvesting this week. 


  1. I got my garden 5 gallon buckets from Freecycle too. They were pickle buckets. It took them a while before they quit smelling like pickles lol. I like them though. I put holes in the bottom of half of them for pots one year. Now those pots are my utility buckets that I leave in the garden. I put leaves in them to put by the compost. I use them for weeding.

  2. your tomatoes look lovely. I am still too afraid to try growing them from seed!

  3. Those are some really nice looking tomato plants. I have a few started but have to hold off for the main batch of seedlings because I have to be away the end of the month and you know, nobody else takes care of things like you would.

  4. Your tomatoes grew really fast. 90 miles round trip to grocery shop, that's quite trip.

  5. Your tomato starts look healthy and sturdy. I have lots of five gallon buckets around that I use for all sorts of things - carrying compost, holding chicken manure (to compost it), to make compost tea in, etc. They are so useful.

  6. what beautiful tomato starts. ours do not look nearly as nice.

  7. Those tomatoes look full of promise. I grow potatoes in pots but I think they are a bit bigger than the pails you are talking about - having said that I'm not really sure how much a gallon is so perhaps I'm wrong. I think the first post called potato experiments tells you what I did but I don't think I've cracked the perfect method quite yet. I am about to try filling the pot a third full of potting mix then filling it almost to the top with straw and then finally adding a layer of manure on top. I think that may produce good results - we shall see. I used to live about 10 miles from the closest shop and I thought that was altogether too far (I was a teenager at the time though....) so 45 miles sounds like a long way!

  8. Daphne, I too have about 6 of those pails that I use the same way you do. From Spring to Fall you will see them parked all around my yard just waiting to be filled with weeds etc.

    MP, if you have a lighting system tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. I will be starting about 9 dozen a little later but too early except the dozen I have started for buckets. They are not all for me as I also grow the plants for the ARC (Adult Residence) garden.

    Mary, I totally understand not leaving your babies for someone else to tend. These are new to me this year and was just playing to see what they would do.

    Yes Norma these tomatoes seem to be growing very fast. Not quite sure what I am going to do with them since there is no way I will have my greenhouses up until the 1st of April. We do have on supermarket here in town but prices are high with no competition. Also a Walmart about 20 miles away. I haven't been to the city shopping since October so I don't really want to see the bill. Most of today has been taking inventory, making a list and checking sale fliers.

    Thanks Laura, yes I am liking the looks of these tomatoes as a good patio tomato. I love my buckets. I have even taken concrete out of my car by opening the 90 pound bag and putting part of it into my buckets so I could lift the bag.

    TD, this are a bush tomato that only gets 24" and tend to be a lot stockier than most tomatoes.

    Liz, thanks for the information on your pot potato trials. I think I have a method much the same as yours after reading what you have done. A 5 gallon bucket is about 18.9 liters.

    I live 5 miles from town onto of a 1400 foot hill that some would consider a mountain. I don't go to town too often to get my mail with the cost of gas. It is a 15 minute trip one way. I love it.

  9. What gorgeous tomatoes! I have my fingers crossed that mine will look as good in a few weeks! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Your tomatoes look great! I hope they grow well for you.