Monday, January 30, 2012

Harvest Monday 02/20/12

Now that the Aero Garden is just now replanted not even any basil to report this week.  I have all my seed and a planting schedule worked out.  The nursery is all set up and ready to go.  I did plant a dozen tomato seed yesterday for patio tomatoes in the hopes of having fresh tomatoes from them by around the 4th of July rather than the middle to end of August from the garden.  I have also planted 2 tomato seed and 2 pepper seed in the Aero Garden that I plan on trying to grow in there to maturity.  If it works I may be able to have fresh tomatoes and peppers all winter.

Now I need to get the planting scheme out of my head and onto paper to see where everything is going to fit before I start planting seed.  Since most of my garden is a large garden and not raised beds it is a little more difficult.

On the 10th of January I planted a couple of tomatoes just to see how the new starter kit for the Aero Garden worked and so far I am very satisfied with the results.  Did 2 peppers but only 1 germinated.

Also my onion seed have hatched.

Sruttgarters on the right and Aisle on the left.  The Aisle seem to be a little slower germinating.  These are both new to me and am hoping for a good crop of onions this year.

Don't forget to check in at Daphne's Dandelions and see who else is harvesting and what others are doing to get ready for the up coming growing season. 


  1. how lovely to see new seedling in the middle of the winter!

  2. Good luck with the onions. Mine haven't popped up yet. But I saw one little U just poking through the soil so It won't be long.

  3. You have tomato seedlings already to go? I haven't thought about it yet, not until end of Feb or March.
    The onion seedlings looking good.

  4. Glad your aero garden is working out so well for you. Your investment is paying off.

  5. We also already started some tomato seeds. We plan on cloning this year and sharing with the community

  6. It is exciting to be trying new growing methods. Sounds great and your onions look fabulous.

  7. Your Aero Garden seems to be doing well. I have absolutely zero patience to grow onions from seed. I did it one year and it was a complete failure. Maybe I will try again next year.

  8. The trays of onions look good. The Aerogarden is really giving you a lot of good indoor growing options. I am also starting some patio/container tomatoes and hope to baby them along and get some early (but smaller sized) fresh tomatoes this year.

  9. MP, I think the seedlings bring a hope that spring is on its way.

    Thanks Daphne. I am a little concerned about the Aisle. They don't look that great and taking much longer to germinate than the stuttgarter.

    Barbie thanks. I will be planting them at the community garden plots this summer as I haven't had much luck with them here at the house.

    Mac, I like to get the ones that go into containers ready early. I hope to be in the greenhouses around the 1st of April and want them just about ready to go into large containers shortly after that. I won't start the ones for the garden until late February, early March. Have to get as big a start as possible with only a 3 month growing season.

    TD not quite sure what you mean by cloning. I will be working with the ARC here come February. I help them do a garden which furnished fresh vegetables in the summer for I think 5 or 6 houses. These people are what we call hand over hand so really the staff does most of it but I do go down and plant the seed with some that are a little more capable then go and help them plant the garden. I grow the plants in my greenhouse for them.

    Liz I have always been interested in hydroponics since I did it in high school over 50 years ago. That is all the Aero Garden is. I would like to build a set up that would handle more plants.

    Robin, my onions do fine as long as they are in the containers, they just don't seem to develop like they should once I plant them. I hope to have them in the ground this year sometime in April if weather permits.

    Laura, if you keep the tomatoes under good light until you get them into the containers and outside you should do well with the patio tomatoes. I use a regular tomato that is just short. Usually a determinate. I find they get almost as big as their brothers and sisters do in the garden. I am trying a new one this year. Bush Beefsteak. They only get 24" tall and that is what I plan to try to grow in the house over the winter in the Aero Garden. Have 2 planted already to experiment with so I know when to start them this summer to have tomatoes during the winter. With having 2 gardens now, I hope to keep them going year round.

  10. This post reminds me how far behind I am! Need to get started! I have enjoyed your weekly look at menus, cost, and recipes. So, I am awarding you the Versatile Blogger award. You can read more about it at my post here: I hope you will accept it and have fun passing it on to others. Congratulations! :)

    1. HG I am truly honored and humbled by you bestowing this award on me. I graciously accept it and will work on passing it along to others. I am new to blogging and not even sure if I have 15 blogs that I follow. Hope I don't have an immediate time limit on completing the rules as most of the rest of my day will be spend snow blowing before it starts to rain and really make a mess of things.

      If I lived where you do I think I would be gardening somehow year around especially with vegetables or is your weather more severe than I think?

  11. Oh wow! This is awesome... I can't wait to live in a place where I can have a proper garden.

  12. Your seedlings are looking great! RE: onions in the garden; could be the variety, most are day length sensitive which is why particular varieties are recommended for the north and south of the country. Also, they are heavier feeders than you think. If you manured a section of the garden well last fall, plant them there, they will love it. Otherwise lots of compost and keep the soil loose around them so the bulbs can enlarge easily. While they are bulbs they (like potatoes) need more nitrogen than most gardeners think they need.

  13. Your seedlings are looking great! I hope they are fruitful for you. :)