Monday, January 23, 2012

Harvest Monday 01/23/12

It has been a rather busy week but did manage to get the last harvest from my Aero Garden.  Basil came through one more time with about 2 1/2 oz.  This was enough to make basil/garlic/cheese butter.  I then tore down the garden, cleaned it well as started over.  This time there are 2 pods of tomatoe, 2 pods of green peppers, 2 pods of basil and am trying 1 pod of lettuce for the last time.  The basil is up already.  I plan on raising the tomatoes and peppers to maturity in the Aero Garden.

I too have finished my seed orders.  Not sure what kind of a garden I will have since most of the varieties are completely new to me.

Bush Beefsteak Toms                   
King of the North Peppers                          
Provider green beans                   
Marketmore 76 cucummbers                    
Black Zucchini                   
Baby Pam Pumpkin                        
Detroit Red short top beets                       
Tom thumb Lettuce                       
Ventura Celery                
Muscade Carrots                             
Tendercrisp Celery                         
Calabrese Green Sprout Broccoli                              
Henderson Wakefield Cabbage                
Ailsa Craig Onion                             
Stuttgarter Onion                           
Giant Naples Cauliflower                             
Walthams Butternut Squash                      
Table Queen Acorn Squash
Saved Seed                       
Burbank Tomatoes                         
Dave's Italian Tomatoes                               
Delicious Tomatoes                        
Jersey Giant Tomatoes
Wurley Tomatoes (from a friend)                            
Paprika Peppers (Thanks Robin)    
Brussels Sprouts (left over seed)           

I have also posted on the sidebar all of my hopeful crops and will attempt to keep a profit and loss sheet running there.  Thanks Daphne for the help with the setup.

I did find out that I have 2 plots at the Community Garden so I can get started on planning my planting layout which will include a new raised bed here.

Don't forget to go to Daphne's Dandelions our host for Harvest Monday and see what everyone else is doing in their gardens. 


  1. It looks like you are going to have quite the garden this year!!

  2. I'm glad you got it figured out. I should redo mine this year to reflect what I'm growing. I might. The problem is it is tied into my spreadsheet. The spreadsheet adds up all my categories. If I redo them I have fix them. I usually mess it up the first time but get the bugs worked out over the year.

  3. Wilderness - you are way ahead of me. I haven't even inventoried my seeds yet!

  4. Congratulations on the assignment of the two community garden plots! How exciting to have some new garden space to work with. Basil must really love the conditions provided by the Aerogarden. You are obviously have great success with it growing that way.

  5. MP I have cut back on different things. I am not growing potatoes or corn this year.

    Daphne, that is the way my spread sheet works also.

    Marcia, inventory wasn't necessary since I am changing all of the seed I am growing this year except the tomato seed and bean seed I saved from last year.

    Laura I had the 2 plots last year but one I did was donated to our Lions Club, the other I rented for myself. No one else wanted to work on the one for the club that went to the food pantry so I decided I was only going to do for myself this year then they were saying it might be a lottery who would get the plots but that all changed.

    Both pods of basil are up already and also one tomato.

  6. I really need to get busy on my lists and planning. I will need seeds soon, thanks for the reminder!

  7. I've got all my spring seeds already between what I already had and a small extra early order. I'll order again later in the spring to make sure I have what I need for fall planting which for me begins with brassicas in July & Aug.

  8. SA, I am a list maker. Now if I follow the lists and don't loose them I should be all set. I am still waiting from my order from Fedco.

    Mary, I don't do a fall planting. Season is too short here so have to get all my eggs in a basket at one time.