Monday, October 24, 2011

Harvest Monday 10/24/11

Well the temperature here on the mountain finally fell to 32 degrees for the first time this morning but still no frost.  However I picked down and pulled most of the garden over 2 weeks ago when we were threatened with frost.  This week I did finally harvest the rest of the beets which I have cooked and need to get canned today.
 Shelled the dried cannelloni beans.  Ended up with 1/4 pound for seed next year.
Also did the shelling beans 3/4 pound

 Dug half the carrots.  9# 14 oz. Was very satisfied with the experiment of the modified square foot method of planting I used.  First time I have had carrots to harvest since I have been planting here.
Last of the cabbage 10 # 12 oz.
I also harvested the first of the basil in the aero garden.  Had enough to make a batch of cheese/basil compound butter which is now in the freezer for future use.
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  1. We got frost last week but it didn't make it down to 32F. That's some nice looking cabbage!

  2. What is "modified square foot method of planting"? you must have explained it in one of your previous posting, which one?
    Gorgeous cabbage!

  3. Dave, I still have no frost damage. Amazing for here. Cabbage was OK one really still pretty soft but good.

    Norma my modified square foot was in a regular garden rather than in a raised bed that is usually only 4' wide so you can reach the center from either side. I made a temp plate for planting that made 16 holes per square foot. I planted a seed in each whole for about 10'. I then left a 1' for a path and did it all again in my small fine seed garden. I did beets, carrots, radishes and green onions that way. The beets should have been thinned so they didn't do well.

  4. Those dried beans, carrots, and cabbages look great! That is definitely a good haul on the carrots and your cabbages are really nice looking heads. I use the SF spacing method in a bed that is double dug as opposed to beds filled with Mel's Mix. I like the spacing but prefer using my native soil that has been really well dug and properly amended.

  5. I still have as many carrots to dig or at least I hope there are as many good sized ones. I am going to try to store them at 40 degrees in my shop in damp sand. If I notice they aren't holding I can always bring them in and get them canned up.