Monday, October 17, 2011

Harvest Monday 10/17/11

Sadly the garden is coming to a close as fall has arrived and with it come cold nights.  Still no frost however.  Yesterday I did go out and dig a few carrots for soups I was making.  I was pleasantly surprised to find I actually had carrots the size they were suppose to be.  I have never had any luck with carrots here before.  Only problem is I need to get them out of the ground as it seems either the mice or the voles has also discovered I have carrots.  I would like to keep a lot of them for fresh carrots during the fall and into the winter.  Does anyone have any ideas how I might do this.

My 2 lonely butternut squash
Totals This week
Carrots 1 lb 1 oz
Squash 2 lbs 7 oz
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  1. Those are beautiful carrots and butternut. I have problems growing carrots but keep trying. If you google "storing carrots in sand" you will find some ways to keep them. Some say the Vitamin A increases in the carrot when in storage.

  2. Absolutely lovely carrots and squash! I can't believe that you haven't had a frost yet. We haven't had one either.

  3. Carrots and beets both store really well in totes by layering them in slightly damp sand and then keeping it all covered. Glad you were successful in getting some nice sized carrots this year! I am jealous of the butternuts... my plants were so late in setting fruit that all I have is lots of little young butternuts on the vine.

  4. Those butternuts look lovely rather than lonely!

  5. grafixmus and kitsap, I am going to try putting some carrots in my shop with moist sand. I keep the temp about 40 there during the winter and is where I also store my potatoes. Had never thought to storing beets but don't have as many of them so will probably just can them.

    Liz the squash may be lovely but I sure would have liked a lot more of them