Monday, October 10, 2011

Harvest Monday 10/10/11

Well with the threat of 20 degree weather this past week I pretty much stripped the garden.

 Raw zucchini marinating.  Goes great with cheese and crackers.

Totals for the week.
Zucchini the little ones weight in at 10 oz.
Also picked to large ones that weighted over 5 pound each
1 1/2 pounds Hungarian Wax Peppers
5 oz. jalapeno peppers
2 lbs 1 oz green peppers
Cannelloni Beans enough for next years seed plus canned 2 pints
Shelling bean enough dried for next years seed.
About a 1/4 of a bushel Paste tomatoes that are still green
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And what everyone else has harvested.


  1. I bet you can't believe that the summer gardening season has ended! You did get some nice zucchini this week! The marinated zucchini with cheese and crackers sounds great!

  2. What is the marinade you are using for the zucchini? The end of the summer season always seems to come suddenly and too soon.

  3. I have mixed emotions when gardening ends. Relieved in one sense and hating to see it go in another.

    However my house is filled with plants that I am bring in for the winter that I will use for cuttings for my planters etc. next summer. The aero garden is going with basil, parsley and hopefully rosemary plus I will probably bring some potter herbs in. In a short 3 months I will be starting seed for plants for my vegetable garden for next year so I am never really done gardening.

    The zucchini is real simple to make. I slice small zucchini and sprinkle them with Lawreys seasoned salt and granulated garlic. They will make their own marinate as they juice up from the salt.

  4. Lovely zucchini. I know what you mean by "mixed emotions when gardening ends" I was thinking today I would like some frost so I can harvest some of my parsnips, but if we have frost I will lose all the plants that cannot withstand frost. Did have a very light frost last week but it did not touch my garden.

  5. Thanks Norma. See you made it here. I am fairly new myself but also have written webpages so am getting the hang of it. I am surprised that you have had a light frost. The coldest I have been here on the mountain is 35. However down below they had a killing frost a while ago.