Monday, September 5, 2011

Harvest Monday 9/5/11

Not much happening this week.  Green beans are done, tomatoes are just starting to turn, beets and carrots can wait and corn just didn't make it.
 Had to pick down some tomatoes as the plants were dieing and the tomatoes were dropping off.  Think there is about 1/2 bushel here.
Made 7 pints of bread and butter pickles that I didn't need but couldn't give the cucumber to anyone who wanted to make pickles.

Did pick the last of the green beans and pull the plants.
Totals for the week
1/2 bushel of tomatoes
2 lbs 8 oz green beans
2 lbs zucchini
14 oz cabbage
4 lbs 6 oz cucumber
4 small sick ears of corn
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and see what other gardeners harvested this week. 


  1. That is a bucket full of tomatoes. I think it may turn red too indoors.

  2. Maylay yes some have ripened already. I usually get most all of my large harvest of tomatoes green due to our short growing season and I am out picking like crazy the afternoon of the first frost that is expected that evening.

  3. I would have taken those cucumbers off your hands! I'm very short in the cucumber department this year! I usually have to pull the plants because I get too many...oh well

    I can't believe you are supposed to get your first frost already! You better get those crops in!

  4. Robin, we can get a frost anytime from the end of August on. The forecast for the next 10 days shows no sign of frost. Temps seem to be holding in the low 50's at night. I will probably end up having to pick most of my tomatoes green if they don't hurry up however.

  5. I'm with Robin...I totally would have taken those cukes! Ah well! What a lucky bushel of tomatoes you have there! They should ripen up beautifully and slowly...perfect!

  6. Like Robin, I wish I lived closer to you as I would have been delighted to take some of the extra pickling cukes off your hands. Our plants are producing but only slowly and in amounts too small at any time to do much with. Not a great summer in our parts this year and the squash family plants were impacted the most by it.

  7. My corn took the worst beating. We have very few nights if any that were 70 degrees which is what corn needs. Used to grow corn in my old garden great but here at the new house it just doesn't produce.

    I have zucchini coming out my ears and I don't eat it. Did freeze a lot shredded to make zucchini muffins and zucchini bread.

  8. Those pickles look really good, Wilderness. Bread and butter are my favorite kind of pickles.

    My tomatoes are done. The stinkbugs are here.

  9. Those pickles look great - I am currently experiencing pickle envy as I just opened my last jar from last seasons crop so no more pickles for me for the time being. I am trying to hurry my leeks along as they are currently occupying my intended cucumber position, but they really dont seem to want to be rushed.