Monday, September 19, 2011

Harvest Monday 09/19/11

Well things are starting to come to a close here for gardening.  We have had frost and freeze warning for the past 3 nights so had to pick down a lot of the garden.
  a bushel and a half of green and partially ripe tomatoes
 A few of the cherry tomatoes that I didn't plant.  I ended up with 4 plants of them.  The seed had to have been mixed in with my Delicious tomatoes when I bought the seed.
 One of the batches of tomato seed that has fermented and is drying.  These are Jersey Giant which are a paste tomato.
 The green cherry tomatoes
Canning for the week.  8 quarts of tomatoes and 6 pints of beets.
Totals for the week
Cucumbers 10 lbs 13 oz
Cauliflower 6
Tomatoes besides the 1 1/2 bushel of green ones 12 lbs 15 oz
Green peppers 5 lbs 3 oz.
Green Beans 3 lbs 4 oz.
Beets 7 lbs 2 oz

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  1. Were the cherry tomatoes volunteers or mixed into the other seed?

    You've been doing a bit of canning. I like beets but Dan will only use them in his juicer mixed with other fruits or veggies. I didn't plant any because they gotten eaten under ground last year.

  2. You are going to be a busy bee taking care of that harvest!

  3. Marcia, the cherry seed was mixed in with the other seed apparently.

    Robin, other than cannelloni beans, carrots and beets my garden is done and have started clean up. May get a few more tomatoes and peppers depends on when the frost hits.

  4. It seems like only yesterday you were able to get things planted because the last frosts were still hanging around. Your growing season must be very short but intense. Do you have fall crops growing to keep the fresh food coming after the summer heat lovers are done in?

  5. Kitsap we don't have but one crop a year here. There is no such thing as summer heat lovers. Other than some lettuce, radishes and scallions harvest doesn't even start here until sometime in August and ends in early September. The last couple of years we have had an early spring but can't take a chance on planting that early as the ground isn't warm enough. This year it was the rain that kept me from planting a couple of weeks beyond the first available time that it is safe to plant. Seed selection is very limited. Have to be sure nothing takes more than 80 days and then you are pushing the envelop. It is a whole different world growing crops here. At my old house which is only 8 miles away they have had frost and a hard freeze already. It seems to stay a little warmer here on the mountain.

  6. Nice harvests. The canned produce looks very nice! How do the Jersey Giants produce for you? I tried San Marzanos and Romas, but only got an okay harvest from them. I'm looking for a good paste tomato. You grow beets! How lucky! I cannot grow beets or onions in my soil for some reason. I had it tested and it was normal, but they just won't bulb up. You sure got a better harvest of tomatoes than I did. Looks nice.

  7. Veggie PAK I like the Jersey Giants however I only had 3 plants this year as I had a freeze up in my greenhouse and lost a lot of tomato plants before time to put them in the ground.

    A friend gave me a plum tomato directly from Italy that has been handed down for generation so no name but the are large and got a good crop off them. Got about 1/2 bushel from 10 plants and there are more small ones to picked if the frost holds off. The biggest of them weighed 9 oz. I don't like the romas. They are too small. Someone has now given me Wurley Red which is also a paste that is suppose to be very good. Will try them next year. It is hard to judge my crop this year as we had a very cold wet spring and everything was planted way too late for this area.

    When it comes to beets, mine don't bulb up like I would like them to. Onions, I have been doing a lot of research on and one thing I have learned is I plant them too deep and also being in the north I need to be sure they are long day onions. Also need to plant them out about a month before the last frost in the spring. I am determined to get good onions one of these days.